15 Jun, 2015

Fire Phone–Amazon’s new perspective towards the Smartphone Industry

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With the launch of the newest smartphone introduced by Amazon, one thing that was made clear by the chief executive of the company, Jeff Bezos, was the fact that, they are about to revolutionize the now-boring industry. Amazon is expecting to take the smartphone industry by storm, which has recently grown a little dull, by bringing a new and fresh perspective to it. With the new Fire Phone, amazon application developers have a good scope of exploiting the features to their benefit.

19 Apr, 2011

What is Cross-browser compatibility and why is it important?

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Cross-browser compatibility can be defined as the ability of a website, application or script to support various web browsers identically. This issue is important as now-a-days numerous web browsers are used for web surfing and all of them have different standards. People need to understand that cross-browser compatibility is more related to site’s functionality than its looks. This means the site should perform equally under various web environments. Every website owner should assure cross-browser compatibility of their website or applications.

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