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Hire Magento Certified Maintenance Services

Our Magento maintenance team performs a complete site audit for your Magento store. Our certified experts analyze and find the loopholes in regards to the security patches, versions, performance, speed, and customizations. Next, we fix any issues which might be causing trouble in your Magento store.

As a Magento Certified Solution Partner, our store maintenance team always got your back with our meticulously defined website maintenance services. Whether it’s a website outage, hosting issues, extension conflicts, web store timely configuration, installation, update, backup, security, server issues, and for any other customization issues, we are ready with our best technical solutions. We are a team of 50+ Magento certified maintenance specialists who are well-versed with Magento maintenance and can keep your web store always running.

Latest Magento Security Patches

Outdated Magento versions or security patches make your web store prone to unethical hacks. Our certified Magento professionals can help you with installing the latest Magento security patches to keep your web store up to date for the maximum security.

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Performance Optimization and Technical Maintenance

Rave recommends performing maintenance and upkeep of the eCommerce system. We will support and perform the following maintenance activities. Our Certified Magento experts keep their checklist ready to provide the best Magento maintenance solutions. We have high-value quarterly plans for error-free Magento website maintenance.

  • Security Patches

    We apply security patches on a monthly schedule or as soon as they are released. Here is the list of security patches released by Magento.

  • Version Upgrades

    Magento releases newer versions several times a year. We will upgrade your store quarterly. You can see the release history here. You can run a scan through Magereport to find any missing updates for your site.

  • Digital Health Monitoring

    We scan your site every month for SEO issues like: robots.txt, index ration, sitemap.xml, broken links, meta tags, duplicate content, alt text, etc. Here is a link to a sample report that is provided to the dev team.

  • Log Management and Monitoring

    Detailed and frequent logs' review to find out errors and issues that customers are facing. Identification and remedy of it will improve conversions.

  • Website Uptime Monitoring

    Proper monitoring solutions utilization to ensure that our DevOPS team gets notified as soon as the event happens and remedy the situation at hand

  • WCAG Compliance

    Running your site through WCAG compliance tools and address at least all A-level issues and 90% of the AA-level issues.

  • Email & Phone Support

    Our active technical support team is always available to solve problems. As soon as we receive a request, we investigate and assist with the solutions.

  • Performance Management

    We optimize Magento sites every quarter. We run your store through PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix to check performance of your store and address issues reported by these tools.

Magento Maintenance Services

Online Store Features

Online Commerce Revenue

$0 - $2.5M $2.5 - $5M $5 - $10M $10M+

Number of websites/storefronts (max)

1 3 5 5+

Number of extensions

10 20 30 30+

Number of customizations/custom modules

3 5 10 10+

Simple Integrations with technology vendors like: Shipstation, Shipping service, Mailchimp, Yotpo, etc?

Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support

Have B2B?

  Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support

More involved integrations with technology vendors like freight service provider, marketing automation like Klaviyo, Webgility eCC for Quickbooks, M2ePro for Amazon/eBay, etc?

  Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support

Integration with standard ERP systems like Netsuite using Celigo/Folio3/FarApp, SAP using eAppsConnect, etc?

    Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support

Custom integrations with third party systems like legacy ERP systems?

      Magento Enterprise Technical Support

WCAG and PCI Compliance Services

      Magento Enterprise Technical Support

Includes maintenance activity mentioned above? Our maintenance activity keeps the website healthy, including security patch update and version upgrade. The amount of time depends on the number of extensions, integrations, and modules the website uses.

Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento Enterprise Technical Support

Access to our entire catalog of extensions You will get free access to our entire catalog while an active Rave All Care customer.

Included Included Included Included

SEO, PPC, Multi channel sales, Email marketing, Social media marketing

Additional Additional Additional Additional

Costs per year (invoice monthly in advance*)





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