14 Jul, 2020

13-Point Digital Marketing Checklist to Handle Domain Migration Like a Boss

2021-04-29T06:57:58-04:00July 14th, 2020|Magento, Web Development|

Whether a brand name change or your business needs an easy, user-friendly, catchy domain, specific steps need to be followed to ensure you maintain your current link juice, SEO value, web traffic, etc. Taking the following steps will ensure your digital marketing performance is not interrupted and in many cases will be better than the [...]

25 Mar, 2017

Top Web Application Firewall (WAFs) to Stop Website Attacks

2020-10-05T01:20:17-04:00March 25th, 2017|Web Development|

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are required to keep your web application secure from various types of threats. Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are designed to protect Web Applications from Vulnerabilities, including Malicious attacks, Cross-Site scripting, SQL injection, DDoS attacks, request forgeries and much more. There are two different types of Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) available Cloud-based and Integrated. Hardware and Integrated Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are complex and require an expert to configure and maintain them.

17 Jan, 2017

20 Tips To Make Your Magento Store More Secure

2020-10-05T01:32:48-04:00January 17th, 2017|Magento|

Magento is a widely used open source eCommerce software. A Magento store is also prone to be a target of malicious activities by malware and hackers. And when transacting online, using credit cards or other mode of payment, security is of utmost importance. Even though Magento gets patched for security reasons on a regular basis, below is the detailed list of best practices which can be applied on Magento to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

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