QA Services

GUI testing entails running through an entire system, examining each screen with controls such as buttons, menus, icons, toolbars, menu bars, dialog boxes, windows and more ensuring each is functional and linked appropriately.

To view the entire checklist of points covered in UI/UX testing please click below link:


We also cover other crucial components of the User Interface as follows:

As part of the GUI testing process, we also ensure a systems capability by determining it is able to run on different operating systems, hardware, applications, network environments, and mobile devices. This portion of the testing process also includes the testing of different browsers, browser versions as well as different OS and screen resolutions.

Having a responsive website is crucial in today’s end-user experience, providing a responsive design will deliver an optimized viewing experience that is easy to navigate with minimalistic resizing and scrolling- across a wide range of devices including desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. allowing for an easy read

In order to determine the responsiveness of a website, we use “Mobile / Responsive Web Design Tester (Mobile/RWD Tester)” and “Browserstack” tools on many devices, including iPad, iPhone, MAC, Android Phones, Windows, etc.

To view the compatibility/responsive testing checklist for web & mobile applications on different browsers, OS, and devices, please click the link below: