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Lightning™ is a fast and amazing experience from Salesforce which helps you revolutionize your sales process. Lightning™ components and apps are the future of the Salesforce1 platform. Salesforce Lightning™ provides a totally transformed way of interacting with the CRM. Worried about how you can do it? Well, here’s some good news, our team of developers who have expertise in Lightning™ are just the right people you need! We can help you build feature-rich apps that can be used from any device using the Salesforce Lightning™ components. We have a strong experience when it comes to Lightning™ and certainly assist you to help you make your Salesforce Lightning™ ready!

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WE are Salesforce Lightning™ Experts

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    Migrations to lighting™

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    Team of Certified Salesforce Developers

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    Custom Modules Developed & Integrated

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    Industries served (Healthcare, Custruction, Security, etc.)

Our Salesforce Lightning™ Migration Services

Salesforce Lightning is the latest update in complete Salesforce user interface environment. It’s design extends the Salesforce ambient user experience from mobile devices to desktop and Visualforce pages. The catch is that you have to make your Salesforce instance Lightning™ - ready to fully utilize the UI/UI thus redoing many customization, dashboards, apps, workflows, reports and Visualforce pages.

The great news is that we have mastered Lightning™ user experience for you.

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    Lightning™ Component Development

    We offer design and development of custom reusable Lightning™ Components to accelerate your future developments.

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    Lightning™ App Development

    We design and develop custom Salesforce Lightning-ready apps with open APIs, back-end services and integration tools.

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    Cross Device

    We re-customize the entire Site.com and Force.com® experience with responsive UX across devices thus making it mobile-ready and Lightning™-ready.

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    Expert Lightning™ Consultation

    We help to plan and execute the best possible solutions for the UI and Lightning™ components.

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    Lightning™ Community Portal

    We customize Salesforce Community Cloud™ solutions to match Lightning™ UI for seamless experience.

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    Lightning™ Ready Customization

    We re-design and re-deploy Salesforce® customizations to make them Lightning™ compatible.

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    Lightning™ Process Automation

    Automate your business processes to effectively enhance its efficiency with The Salesforce Lightning™ Process Builder.

Why Salesforce Lightning™

Here are the key reasons why you should consider moving to Salesforce Lightning

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    Build apps faster

    The Lightning™ Platform delivers out-of-the-box tools and services to automate your business processes, integrate with external applications, provide responsive layouts and more. From no-code builders to pro-code tools, the Lightning™ Platform's enterprise services and metadata-driven, multi-tenant cloud architecture means that you can focus on what makes your business better from the competition.

  • Create custom business logic

    The Lightning™ Platform provides easy ways to create and customize business logic. We make it easy to build entire apps using nothing but clicks with tools including App Builder, Community Builder, and more. And you can turbocharge your business logic and solve hard problems with code tools and frameworks like Apex. Like Java, Apex is an object-oriented language that works in the cloud and has APIs for creating, compiling and debugging code.

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    Customize your user interface

    The Lightning™ Component Framework — a modern framework for developing digital components — uses Apex on the server side and JavaScript on the client side. Drag and drop your components in Lightning™ App Builder to design your desktop and mobile apps with ease. What you see in Lightning™ App Builder is what you get, so there won't be questions about you're creating and what your customers are looking at.

  • Easily integrate with third-party apps and systems

    The power of the Lightning™ Platform means you can design and build your apps using a variety of strategies. You can use no-code integration capabilities like Salesforce Connect and the new External Services Wizard to immediately link multiple systems. Or you can use a comprehensive suite of REST and SOAP APIs for specialized integration demands.

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    Build together with Salesforce DX

    Salesforce DX enables your team to build apps together using the tools you love, while moving fast and delivering value. Use extensions we provide for VS Code, but if you love IntelliJ or Sublime you can use those too. We've made it easier for you to continuously develop and deliver your apps with a focus on testing services and tools with improved delivery through the use of packaging and change sets.

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