4 Aug, 2022

Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.4.5 Will Be Released on August 9th, 2022

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Adobe spared no effort in Adobe Commerce (Magento) version 2.4.5, as it is a significant upgrade from its previous version in terms of security, performance, and overall platform experiences, for Merchants and their customers. Magento 2.4.5 includes 400+ quality fixes and enhancements, including 20 Security Fixes, and hundreds of core code issues were fixed. [...]

18 Apr, 2022

Web Accessibility: Need, Benefits & Tips of WCAG Compliance for eCommerce

2022-08-29T06:10:33-04:00Categories: eCommerce|

WCAG compliance is necessary for eCommerce stores for a few reasons. Firstly, WCAG compliance ensures that your store is accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. This not only includes people with visual impairments, but also those with hearing impairments, physical disabilities, and even cognitive disabilities. Secondly, WCAG compliance helps to ensure that your store [...]

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