Use Email Automation Platform For Every Business

Email marketing has evolved tremendously since its early oughts now being far more advanced than simply sending blanketed email blasts to entire databases and mailing lists. Email automation increases click rates, conversions, and increases revenue either by immediate upselling or subsequently informing customers of products or services they may be interested in. Every website or company should leverage email automation services, whether catering to B2B or B2C audiences.

Email Automation advances your email program by sending emails when specific actions are taken by subscribers or customers. Each pre-defined action taken on-site triggers specific messages to be sent to subscribers and customers pushing them further down the conversion funnel.

Those actions may be one or several:

  • Welcome email to new customers.

  • If your store offers discounts

  • When a user views a particular webpage on your website

  • When a user or customer shows interest in a particular brand or service

  • When a customer browses a product but does not add to cart

  • When a customer or user added a product to the cart without purchasing

  • Customers’ Birthday - Surprise them with a discount coupon

  • Any software or service renewal reminder

Why Email Marketing Automation is for You?

In addition to specific action based email campaigns. We create highly targeted drip campaigns for subsets of customers based on varying data points, such as; location, gender, industry, product line purchased,  category-specific purchases, etc. Drip campaigns have the ability to nurture subscribers into customers as they move through the campaign flow,

Email Automation Increases Click Rates


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Increase in Qualified Leads

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