Objective of America’s Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen had the pressing need to migrate to Magento 2, as Magento 1 was rapidly approaching its end of life, as Magneto announced the end of support after June 30th, 2020. America’s Test Kitchen has an extensive product catalog across many categories, and with the migration had to streamline its categorization and functionality to deliver a unique and intuitive experience across all users. After Rave Digitals consultative process the team defined the following requirements.

M1 To M2 Migration

Quick Turnaround Time

Given the numerous advancements introduced in M2, the team required migration from M1 to M2.

Seamless Checkout Process

Quick Checkout Experience

A dire need to add one-click checkout that gets more shoppers past the ‘buy’ button and convert more.

Order Management System

Ease the Store Management

Tightly integrate OMS for flexible and affordable solution for managing, selling, and fulfilling inventory.

Free Gift Functionality

Easy Campaigning

With the Free Gift functionality ATK aimed at running various promo campaigns based on free gifting.

Customer Data Management

Streamlined Data Management

ATK aimed at keeping track of their customer information and survey their customer base with effective CDM.

Custom Stock Status

Real-time Inventory Check

Add functionality to place custom stock statuses on category and product pages, and in a shopping cart.


The team migrated America’s Test Kitchen’s M1 site to Magento 2 (v. 2.3.4), delivering a customized M2 solution! The team implemented Magento Business Intelligence, a cloud-based data management and visualization platform that offers integrated, easy-to-use dashboards and reporting tools for the team to efficiently access, assess, and leverage their data. Additionally, with the inclusion of Page Builder’s drag-and-drop functionality, the team now has the ability to seamlessly create content and distribute across the site with ease and precision. In addition to the aforementioned, America’s Test Kitchen M1 to M2 Migration required additional solution integrations to deliver the required front and backend functionalities.

  • Order Integration

    Order Integration

    CDS receives all the orders from Magento and does the fulfillment

  • CDS Global Services Integration

    CDS Global Services Integration

    Mylo Services for Single Sign-on and Real Time Inventory Synchronization

  • Performance Insights

    Performance Insights

    New Relic monitoring tools for historical insights into the performance of web applications

  • Smart One Step Checkout

    Smart One Step Checkout

    Integration of Aheadworks One-Step checkout Magento 2 extension

  • Setting up Product Labels (promo)

    Setting up Product Labels (promo)

    Custom Stock Status and product badging for effective promotions

  • Free Gift Extension

    Free Gift Extension

    Integration of Amasty’s free gift extension for Magento 2

  • Product feed extension

    Product feed extension

    Integration of another M2 extension to display products on different marketplaces

  • Develop Microsites

    Develop Microsites

    Custom Landing Pages integrated with Aheadworks One Page Checkout


New Relic Integration

New Relic Integration

Subscription Module Integration

Subscription Module Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Newsletter Subscription Integration

Newsletter Subscription Integration

Social Media Sharing Integration

Social Media Sharing Integration

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Google Optimize 360 Integration

Google Optimize 360 Integration

Hotjar Integration

Hotjar Integration

CDS Global Module

CDS Global Module

Kaltura Integration

Kaltura Integration

BlueConic Integration

BlueConic Integration