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Client Testimonial

“Our partners at Rave Digital have been amazing throughout the entire process of our migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Their level of professionalism, quality of execution, and attention to detail is commendable. Our collaboration with Rave enabled us to realize our eCommerce vision in record time. As a result of our partnership, we now have a very high performing and scalable platform that will take us well into the future and enable us to realize our eCommerce growth objectives”

Chief Technology Officer

Objective Of Guidepost

After Magento announced end-of-life for Magento 1 (June 2020), Guideposts needed to migrate to Magento 2 in order to ensure the continued stability of its expanding business and security of customers’ transactional data. During our initial discussions, the Guideposts team expressed concerns about a drop in overall purchases. They also reported to the experts about an increased number of incomplete orders from the majority of customers visiting the store. Moreover, they were lacking an essential eCommerce store functionality of displaying intuitive product feeds to the visitors.

Following requirements were defined to resolve after consultative conversations:

Quick Turnaround Time

M1 To M2 Migration

Deliver hassle-free migration of Guideposts M1 to M2 in prescribed time lines.

Abandonment Cart Functionality

Integration of Abandonment Cart

To analyze how many customers leave their carts without completing a purchase and more importantly.

Secure Authentication

Empowering Authentication

Enabling Guidepost to keep their networks secure by permitting only authenticated users or processes to gain access to their protected resources

Product Feed Generator

Optimized Product Feeds

Product Feed Generator enables merchants to create, manage and optimize product feeds for Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other 50+ shopping channels in many countries.

Seamless Content Creation

Easy Management for Admin

Customized integration of PageBuilder to save time creating best-in-class, tailored shopping experiences without creative limits

Order Management System

Integration of OMS

Integrated OMS to enable operators to manage orders coming in from multiple sales channels, and going out of multiple fulfillment points.

Inventory Management Solution

Render Realtime Synchronization

Guidepost required real-time inventory synchronization for their stocks to deliver an all-time product availability to online consumers.

Smooth & Secure Navigation

Deliver Simple & Secure Sign Up

Guidepost team aimed at delivering an intuitive and secure sign-in experience to their online users and required a solution from Rave team.


The team migrated Guideposts M1 site to Magento 2 (v. 2.3.4), delivering the expected M2 solution! Further, the Rave team implemented Magento Business Intelligence, an analytics tool for making smarter decisions. With this cloud-based data management and visualization platform, Guideposts was outfitted with the ability to pull data straight from a customer database. It further helped them gather relevant information and metrics to make data-driven decisions. Additionally, with the inclusion of Page Builder’s drag-and-drop functionality, the team now has the capacity to seamlessly create content and distribute it across the site with absolute ease and precision. Apart from the above-mentioned solutions, the Rave team implemented the following solutions to deliver the required front and backend functionalities:

  • Responsive ecommerce store development by best ecommerce consultants and professionals

    Order Integration

    Integration with CDS Global, Mylo Services & CDS OMS

  • eCommerce specialists for QuickBooks integration

    Product Feed

    Integration of Product Feed Generator module

  • Integration with CRM/ERP by best ecommerce agency florida

    Abandoned Cart

    Integration of Abandoned Cart module

  • Integration with CRM/ERP by best ecommerce agency florida

    Inventory Synchronization

    Implemented real-time inventory synchronization

  • Social selling integration by top ecommerce programmers and engineers

    Social Selling

    Leverage social networks to drive sales.

  • Increase your exposure by selling on channels like Amazon, eBay & Rakuten.


    Yotpo integration for post-purchase review on webstore

  • Hire ecommerce specialists for developing easy to manage complex online stores

    Shipping Rules

    Set custom shipping rules to create specific rates for any product (group)

  • Hire ecommerce specialists for developing easy to manage complex online stores


    Extended support for ordering Physical, Virtual, Downloadable products


New Relic Integration

New Relic Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Yotpo Integration

Yotpo Integration

USPS Shipping Integration

USPS Shipping Integration

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

CDS Global Module

CDS Global Module

Fastly CDN, WAF & DDos

Fastly CDN, WAF & DDos

Fastly CDN, WAF & DDos

Facebook Business Integration

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