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Objective Of Highlights For Children

With ever-changing market demands and technological upgrades, Highlights For Children (HFC) found it challenging to meet customer expectations. While they looked for innovative ways to manage their eCommerce store, they kept customer experience as one of their top priorities as well. Most brainstorming sessions around the project were about enhancing UX and streamlining the backend eCommerce management process. HFC was operated on Drupal with a handoff to cart on the Magento platform. This backend infrastructure required two different teams of developers and experts to manage the store; that made the management time-consuming. Also, they were operating on Magento 1, and with Magento End of Life, they desired to upgrade to Magento 2. Apart from these foundational upgrades, there were other customizations to enhance the overall purchase and navigational customer experience.

Quick view of the objectives addressed for Highlights For Children

Platform Rebuilding

Drupal/M1 To M2 Migration

Deliver hassle-free migration of HFC store from M1 to M2 in prescribed timelines.

WCAG compliance

Adding Standard Accessibility Features

Making the website more accessible with WCAG compliance

Catalogue Browsing

Make searching & selecting products easy

HFC demanded a customized & enhanced catalog browsing user experience

Integrating Subscriptions

Managing digital & physical subscriptions

Automate recurring payments, subscription billing, and invoicing for your subscription eCommerce.


To deal with the foundational problem at HFC, the Rave team implemented headless commerce. This solution helped them in maintaining their store in one place with only one team. Furthermore, embracing headless commerce eradicated their efforts of product cataloging on both Magento and Drupal separately. They even received better visibility over conversion tracking and funnel across the eCommerce platform. Post brainstorming and requirements analysis, the Rave team suggested a plan to add customized page builder functionality to meet specific webpage aesthetics and style guide requirements. Further, the team developed a separate Magento2 module for stacked category pages to enhance the user experience on the website. Other relevant functionalities added to HFCs store included:

  • Single Sign-on

    Single Sign-on

    Integration of MyLo service for seamless sign-in

  • Advanced Layered Navigation

    Advanced Layered Navigation

    Magento 2 extension for easy catalog navigation

  • agento Page Builder

    Magento Page Builder

    Implemented custom page builder component

  • Interstitials Cart

    Interstitials Cart

    Cart popup after Add-to-Cart for reducing cart/site abandonment

  • Reviews


    Yotpo integration for post-purchase review on webstore

  • ADA & WCAG Compliance

    ADA & WCAG Compliance

    Ensured store is in compliance with all guidelines

  • Product Feed

    Product Feed

    Optimized product feeds with GoDataFeed

  • Product Badging

    Product Badging

    Badging to highlight specific product attributes and promotions associated with a product


New Relic Integration

New Relic Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Yotpo Integration

Yotpo Integration

ADA & WCAG Compliance

ADA & WCAG Compliance

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

CDS Global Module

CDS Global Module

Fastly CDN, WAF & DDos

Facebook Business Integration

Fastly CDN, WAF & DDos

Klaviyo Integration