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Must Have Magento 2 Extensions

The best must have Magento 2 extensions in 2019. These Magento 2 plugins help extend the functionality of your online store and optimize them for high-returns in the future. It covers Magento categories: Marketing, Checkout process, Gifting, SEO & Search, Improved Navigation, Social media, Site Management, Integration and Performance. Look through this list of must-have Magento 2 extensions and check that your web store is equipped well enough to drive sales and bring profit.

Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2

Allow customers to checkout in one step, their actions smartly analyzed for you to ensure exceptional user experience.

Highlighted Features:

    • Advance revenues
      with the finely-tuned checkout page
    • Analyze and track
      conversion rates as well as the performance of each checkout field
    • Adjust to demands
      with smart configuration tools and the data collected
    • Allow flexibility
      with multiple payment gateways support
    • FREE bundled Payment Restrictions extension

One Step Checkout for Magento 1 is also available.

Blog for Magento 2

Empower your shop with a selling blog that reaches thousands of people and builds a loyal community around your brand.

Highlighted Features

    • Create attractive posts and increase recognition with essential authorship tools
    • Boost engagement with DISQUS comment service integration
    • Build up audience with comprehensive modern SEO settings
    • Stay visible for search engines with JSON LD support
    • Top up posts base migrating WordPress blog to Magento 2
    • Be searchable with GraphQL and enjoyable with RSS feeds

Blog for Magento 1 is also available.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2

Gauge the success of your business with a set of informative and visually attractive financial performance reports.

Highlighted Features:

Advanced Reports for Magento 1 is also available.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Catalog navigation made ample, fast and stress-free.

Highlighted Features

    • Advanced filter management options
    • Smart use of images and swatches for filter customization
    • Slider and From-To filters for numeric and price attributes
    • Multi- and single-select modes for filters
    • Adaptivity and stability to the platforms of various devices
    • Free Shop by Brand

Layered Navigation for Magento 1 is also available.

Automatic Related Products for Magento 2

Consolidate your cross-sells strategy and catapult sales with related products, assigned automatically against custom rules.

Highlighted Features:

    • Set up an unlimited number of rules
    • Specify how related products are to be triggered
    • Customize block layout and position within the page
    • Configure what, where and how it is to be displayed
    • Choose one of the predefined display modes: ‘Who Bought This Also Bought’ or ‘Who Viewed This Also Viewed’
    • Enhance targeting with Customer Segmentation

Related Products for Magento 1 is also available.

Ajax Cart Pro For Magento 2

Streamline add-to-cart function and remove interruptions from the shopping process

Highlighted Features

  • Add-to-cart pop-up
    for selecting product options without going to product page
  • Short description, rating and reviews
    also available from the pop-up
  • Mobile friendly
    add-to-cart design adapts depending on a screen type
  • Works for all product typesincluding bundle, grouped, and configurable products
  • Integration tests
    to check if extension functions properly within your environment

AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 1 is also available.

Follow Up Email for Magento 2

Run efficient email marketing campaigns.

Highlighted Features:

Follow Up Email for Magento 1 is also available.

On Sale + Product Labels  for Magento 1

Add labels to product images

Highlighted Features

  • Setup rules
    to apply labels automatically
  • Separate setup
    for catalog and product page labels
  • Label placement
    anywhere on the image
  • Targeting
    via customer groups and trigger conditions

Reward Points for Magento 2

Engage customers in an irresistible loyalty program.

Highlighted Features:

    • Reward customers for being active at the store (purchases, reviews, social sharing, etc)
    • Use lifetime sales info to define individual earn rates
    • Show prices discounted by available points in the frontend
    • Limit the products that can be purchased with points
    • Allow applying reward points before or after taxes
    • Import/export the existing balances

Reward Points for Magento 1 is also available.

RMA for Magento 2

Handle return requests with a powerful set of management tools.

Highlighted Features

    • Guests can apply for returns
    • Thread with attachments and admin notes
    • Custom fields for an RMA request form
    • Email alerts about return status updates
    • Non-linear workflow
    • Integration with Magento 2 Coupon Code Generator

RMA for Magento 1 is also available.


Other Top Rated Magento Extensions

magento xml sitemap extension

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XML Sitemap Magento Extension

This extension allows you to generate XML sitemap of your store and you can also submit it to searching engines like Google, Windows Live, Yahoo and Bing.

    • Easy Installation
    • Generate XML Sitemap
    • You can configure what to include in the sitemap
    • You can also submit it to: Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Bing
    • You can set intervals to submit sitemap on search engines
    • You can also view responses
    • Compatibility with Magento Community Editions

R+L Carriers Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is used when large and heavy items need to be shipped. Freight shipping module will communicate with the different shipping companies API, who provide the shipping methods for the large/heavy items.

    • Retrieve live rates from the R+L Carriers freight.
    • Supports accessorial services and can be manage from the admin.
    • Set Min/Max package weight to show freight rates from R+L Carriers.
    • Support all product types.
    • Support Magento® multi store functionality.
    • Assign a store freight class or assign freight classes per product basis.
    • Support only domestic(US/Canada) freight quote.
magento freight shipping integration

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direct payment integration

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Sage Pay Direct Payment Integration

This Sage Pay extension provides seamless integration with Sage Pay Payment Gateway. This extension allows you to make secure payments using Direct payment option of Sage Pay Payment Gateway.

    • Fully integrated into Magento’s Order processing workflow.
    • The extension supports Payments, Authorize/Authorize and Capture, and Void/Refunds.
    • The extension supports Partial Invoice and partial refund as well.
    • Supports Sage Pay Direct Integration. The 3D secure checks open in a iframe on the checkout page.
    • Used Magento events (observers) to avoid conflicts with other extensions.
    • Used Magento default prototype js to avoid jquery conflict.

Find A Dealer

The “Find A Dealer” extension allows using customers as dealers. With this extension, Customers/End Users can search for stores by Zip Code, State and Company Name with the radius filter option, to get accurate results.

    • User can search nearest dealers based on “ZIP/Postcode” within specified radius/distance.
    • User can search by state and the company name of dealers.
    • User can view the individual dealer location by clicking on the map icon on the result page.
    • User can have details like contact, email and, website URL of the dealers.
    • User has pagination functionality to manage search results.
    • User can import the store addresses of customer using the default customer import functionality of Magento.
    • Configuration to manage dealer search form fields. We can enable and disable the search fields on frontend from the configuration.
    • All the dealers will be the customers of the store assigned with “Dealer” customer group.
one step checkout

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magento bulk orders extension

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Bulk Import + Export Order To CSV

Raveinfosys order import/export extension exports orders from Magento and import them into other Magento installs. Using this extension you can export and import all the order data (invoice, shipment and creditmemo) as well
as related customer data (billing/shipping address) and email address.

    • Import/Export orders for any type (simple/simple with custom options/configurable/grouped/bundle/downloadable/virtual)
    • Import orders with any shipping method even if it is not enabled and/or doesn’t exist in store at the time of import
    • Import orders with any payment methods even if it is not enabled and/or doesn’t exist in store at the time of import
    • Can create Invoices, Shipments and Credit memo at the time of import
    • Supports Multi-Stores and all currencies
    • Great for Exporting orders from older Magento installs and Importing exact same orders on new install
    • Enables Admin to export only selected orders or all orders
    • Functionality to import orders to specific store view

404 Error logger

404 Error is the most common error on the web, which heavily impacts your SEO ranking. It’s important to fix ASAP before more of your visitors stumbled on it. We are happy to introduce our 404 Error Logger extension which
enables Magento to record these 404 errors whenever a visitor found “404 Page Not Found” error in your store. Provides an easy 404 management section to check all recorded 404 error pages/URLs under admin area. We also provide an easy and user-friendly way to fix these errors by creating Magento URL redirects.

    • Easy installation & upgradation.
    • Record 404 errors whenever occurs on the website.
    • Record page URLs that are generating broken links.
    • Records IP addresses of visitors.
    • Easy to manage 404 errors from admin screen.
    • Very helpful during migration from one domain/server to another.
    • Aware of the suspicious events or spam hits on your Magento store.
    • Shows count of how many times a URL visited, which results in 404 error page.
    • Provide an easy way to create Magento redirect for fixing 404 errors.
not fount error

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