Magento 2 Administration Extensions

Explore Aheadworks extensions designed for effective Magento store administration.

Administration Extensions

Top Magento Administration Extensions for Managing your Business

  • Advanced Subscription Products
    Advanced Subscription Products
    Enable the ability for customers to activate subscriptions on products, and develop consistent revenue streams.
  • Advanced Reports
    Advanced Reports
    Make data-driven business decisions using reports tailored to your specific needs.
  • Store Credit and Refund
    Store Credit and Refund
    Boost sales by allowing customers to utilize store credit for purchases.
  • RMA
    Improve customer service with flexible product return management.
  • B2B Company Accounts
    B2B Company Accounts
    Manage corporate accounts from the admin panel and enable customers to create companies from the storefront.
  • Help Desk Ultimate
    Help Desk Ultimate
    Resolve support requests faster with less effort.
  • Sales Representative
    Sales Representative
    Provide tailored experience for each customer with personal sales managers.
  • Event Tickets
    Event Tickets
    Expand business opportunities carrying out diverse events with customizable tickets.
  • Coupon Code Generator
    Coupon Code Generator
    Coupon Code Generator provides a simple and convenient way of issuing coupon codes to your customers.
  • GDPR
    Strengthen data security and privacy by giving customers full control of their personal data.
  • Customer Attributes
    Customer Attributes
    Gather all the relevant information with customer attributes of various types.
  • Customer Segmentation
    Customer Segmentation
    The Customer Segmentation extension allows Merchants to segment users against custom rules and conditions.
  • B2B Company Credit
    B2B Company Credit
    Drive growth and build loyal relationships by offering credit to the customers you trust.
  • NMI Payment
    NMI Payment
    NMI payment gateway enables various alternative payment methods helping your business reach broader customer audiences.
  • NET 30
    NET 30
    Remove checkout friction, and payment restriction with the ability to offer a select group(s) of customers NET 30 Terms.
  • Payment & Shipping Restrictions
    Payment & Shipping Restrictions
    Enable and restrict Payment and Shipping methods by customer group effortlessly.

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