Magento Speed Optimization Services

We offer high-quality performance reviews and Magento store optimization services to improve your site’s speed, user experience, and conversion rate.

Magento Speed Optimization Services

Are You Facing These Site Performance Issues?

A fast-loading website improves the user experience, reduces bounce rates, and increases customer satisfaction.

Slow Page Loading Speed

Slow Page Loading Speed

Dropped Search Engine Rankings

Dropped Search Engine Rankings

High Bounce Rate

High Bounce Rate

Elevated Cart Abandonment Rate

Elevated Cart Abandonment Rate

Declining Sales

Declining Sales

Leaving Customers

Leaving Customers

There are various website speed checkers available to measure website speed with accuracy. Not just that, with the world going mobile, it is crucial for your website to deliver an amazing experience with high mobile speed.

How Store Speed Impacts Sales and Brand Reputation?

How Page Load Time Affects Bounce Rate

1-3 seconds the bounce rate increases by 32% 22%
1-5 seconds the bounce rate increases by 90% 60%
1-6 seconds the bounce rate increases by 106% 80%
1-10 seconds the bounce rate increases by 123% 90%

How Page Load Time Impacts Conversion Rate

2.4 seconds

1.9% conversion rate

3.3 seconds

1.5% conversion rate

4.2 seconds

<1% conversion rate

5.7 seconds

<1.6% conversion rate

Why Performance and Speed Optimization is the Key to a Successful Online Store?

Want Help With Speed Optimizing Your Magento Store

How to Test Magento Store Performance?

Testing site speed is the first step to evaluating how serious and where the problem is. Your team should perform speed tests regularly in a maintenance cycle to optimize and speed up Magento.

You can test Magento 2 speed using one of the 3rd-party services like Pingdom Tools, GTmetrix, WebPageTest, or Google PageSpeed Insights. You just need to insert your Magento store URL and run the tests.

Scan Your Magento Shop for Page Speed Score

Gain insight in the Page Speed score of your Magento shop(s) and learn how to improve your store speed, for free!

Speed Performance Optimization

Magento is a complex, open-source platform, and by its very nature requires consistent performance monitoring, maintenance, and tuning. Here are several key areas we would focus on the improve the speed of your Magento store:

Use Content Delivery Network

Utilize Full Page Caching

Gzip Compression

Expire Headers

Configure Elasticsearch (preferably) or Enable Flat Catalog

Image Optimization

Concatenate (merge) CSS and JavaScript Files

Enable Magento Compilation (Only Magento Version <2)

Clean Up Magento Database & Logs

Disable Unwanted Extensions & Modules

Update Indexes

Use PHP Accelerators

Here is an example of a Magento site scan on page speed insight before and after optimization:

Extensions by Aheadworks Can Help Optimize Magento 2 Store

Smart One Step Checkout
Layered Navigation
Simple Bundle Product
AJAX Cart Pro
Shop By Brand
Digital Media
Social Login
Store Locator

Impact of Rave All Care on America Test Kitchen


Increased Overall Page-View By


Increased Ecom. Conv. Rate


Increase In Number of Transactions

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Speed performance is crucial for a Magento website because it directly impacts user experience, conversion rates, and search engine rankings. Slow-loading websites can lead to high bounce rates, frustrated visitors, and lost sales opportunities. Fast-loading websites, on the other hand, provide a seamless browsing experience, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the likelihood of conversions.
Several factors can affect the speed of a Magento website. These include inefficient code, unoptimized images and media files, excessive use of third-party extensions, insufficient server resources, poor database optimization, and ineffective caching mechanisms. Addressing these issues can significantly improve the website’s speed and performance.
Magento Speed Performance Services usually include a comprehensive analysis of the website’s current performance, identification of bottlenecks and areas for improvement, implementation of performance optimization techniques, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Specific services may include code optimization, image compression, extension audit and removal, server optimization, caching configuration, and database optimization.
The time required to improve the speed of a Magento website depends on various factors, including the complexity of the website, the extent of performance issues, and the specific services being implemented. In some cases, simple optimizations can be done relatively quickly, while more extensive improvements may take several days or weeks. It’s best to consult with a Magento speed performance service provider to get a better understanding of the timeline for your specific situation.
Magento Speed Performance Services are aimed at enhancing website performance without negatively impacting functionality. However, certain optimizations may require adjustments to the website’s configuration or code, which should be done carefully to ensure that all features and functionalities continue to work as intended. It is important to work with experienced professionals who understand Magento’s architecture to minimize any potential disruptions during the optimization process.
While there are certain optimizations that can be performed by website owners with technical knowledge, achieving significant improvements in Magento speed performance often requires expertise and experience. Professionals who specialize in Magento speed optimization can accurately identify performance bottlenecks, implement advanced techniques, and ensure that all optimizations are done correctly without compromising the website’s functionality. Hiring professionals can save time, provide better results, and help avoid potential issues that may arise from improper optimization attempts.
It’s recommended to regularly monitor and optimize the speed of your Magento website, as various factors can affect its performance over time. Changes to the website’s code, addition of new extensions, increasing product data, traffic growth, or updates to the Magento platform itself can all impact performance. It’s a good practice to periodically assess the speed and performance of your website and consider optimization services whenever you notice significant slowdowns or anticipate increased demands on your site.

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