Earlier in the month of November, the world saw the release of a new version of Enterprise (1.14.1), giving hints that a new and more prominent release was not that far behind, and the end of the month saw the release of Magento 1.9.1, which is available for download now.However, a still bigger release that has been the talk of the town for so long is also supposed to be right around the corner, as of now.

Magento is considered the leading online business solution that has been available for 5 years now. Till date the platform is claimed to have been downloaded over 4 million times and now there are talks of the much awaited new version release too, Magento 2.0. Now we know that Magento 2 Developer Beta is released for developers. However, merchants need to wait a little longer. The blog aims at giving you almost all the information at hand in relation to the very exciting features of Magento 2.0.

To know more about these changes and developments, keep reading:

Concept of the View

Magento 2.0 offers concept of view in the module, which basically could be considered as a replacement for the base design concept that already exists. As it allows you to create a view instead, you no longer have to define the configuration file. The two major changes that Magento 2.0 flaunts include integration of view and replacement of base directory.

Compatibility is to be Expected

Now, being an original version, the frameworks that Magento 2.0 runs on are Zend and PHP 5.3. A more important piece of information appreciated by Windows Platform Server would be the fact that it has support for Oracle and MSSQL. It also is popular that Magento is continuously growing and Magento 2.0 has more popular platforms that it supports.

jQuery Library

Magento 2.0 offers a default JavaScript library, which is jQuery library. While Magento 1.x the prototype.js was the default framework for JavaScript, however it is not comparatively as popular as jQuery with the Magento developers. This is why, when it comes to frontend developers, the migration from prototype to jQuery is one of the biggest changes that Magento 2.0 offers.

One of the other many features offered by Magento 2.0 is the fact that this new version has Component Oriented Architecture. This means, if you are not interested in a certain module, you are offered an option to disable it and replace the same with the one you like.