Which Salesforce.com Edition Is Right For You?

By Aakanksha Patel
March 13, 2017
Which Salesforce.com Edition Is Right For You?

2017 Guide to Picking The Right Salesforce Edition: Group, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited.

Deciding which edition of Salesforce CRM is appropriate for your organization can be daunting. Salesforce offers multiple editions with different levels of functionality- without knowing the capabilities each edition offers makes that decision process that much more difficult. Review this and  compare Salesform CRM editions for a quick side-by-side comparison of the various Salesforce Editions. Once reviewing both the grid and this article the choice of which Salesforce Edition to choose will be much more clear.

There are four primary Salesforce Editions available: Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited.

Salesforce Group Edition

The Salesforce Group Edition is a great fit for small businesses that need a basic CRM service to manage Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks, Events, Chatter, Reports, Email Templates, and other standard features.

This may not be the appropriate Salesforce Edition for your business if you require:

  • Your marketing/sales team is greater than 5 people. This edition has a limit of 5 users
  • You want to manage campaigns, workflows/process automation, territory management, need custom objects, advanced reporting or integration with third party application/web forms.

Group Edition Cost: $25/user/month (Billed Annually)

Salesforce CRM: Professional Edition

Salesforce professional edition contains all of the features of the group edition; however, it allows you to have more than 5 users/seats. It also includes additional features/functionalities, including Campaign management, Mass Emails, Quotes and Orders, Custom Dashboards, Custom Reports, Case Management, and Process Builders (Limit of 5 Processes).

This may not be the appropriate Salesforce Edition for your business if you require:

  • Territory Management
  • API
  • Workflows
  • Custom Profiles
  • Page Layouts
  • Offline Access
  • Person Account
  • Create Approval Process

Custom development using VF pages, triggers, etc. is possible in Salesforce Professional Edition; however, all the custom development work needs to be submitted to Salesforce for review and approval which is a lengthy process.
Professional Edition Cost: $75/user/month (Billed Annually)

Salseforce CRM :Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is very popular because of its flexibility. It contains all of the features of both Salesforce Professional Edition and unlike Salesforce Group Edition and Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, allows you to execute various customizations to suit your unique business process and requirements. Enterprise Edition allows each business to create automated triggers and actions, and integrates your Salesforce seamlessly with third party applications and websites. Salesforce Enterprise Edition is a great fit for mid to large businesses that require customization beyond the out-of-the-box functions of Salesforce. Additionally, it comes with added features/functionalities like Territory Management, APIs, Workflows, Person Account, and Custom Report Types.

Enterprise Edition Cost: $150/user/month (Billed Annually)

Salesforce CRM: Unlimited Edition

Salesforce Unlimited Edition is the right application for large businesses with 1,000’s of users. It offers almost all of the functionality available in Salesforce Enterprise; however, it also comes with additional sandboxes and support.

Unlimited Edition Cost: $300/user/month (Billed Annually)


Choosing the correct Salesforce Edition to suit all of your specific CRM needs is not an easy decision. Thorough analysis and planning are important for getting all of the appropriate capabilities you want and need, without spending the excessive budget on features that you’re not likely to utilize.

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