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Client Testimonial

“Magento is the future of our website and how we are going to capture a much higher market share. We’re beginning to have orders flow way more smoothly than we’ve ever had before. As more and more customers are adopting online ordering, we’re seeing much faster processing times and less manual work being made. There’s also a lot less stress on Marketing right now as we have much more control to make any necessary changes when needed.”

Vice President, Marketing, Echo Engineering

Objective Of Echo Engineering

From past years, Echo Engineering had its online store on the .NET framework. They were doing great until they expanded their product range and business goals. With an increased number of products, the platform lacked the ability to manage the associated B2B requirements. Absence of standard eCommerce features such as customer discounts, catalog management, user management, and other B2B user management features made it challenging to manage the store. Furthermore, they aimed at integrating several B2B features with their ERP and also desired a dashboard customized as per their business needs. On the customer experience front, Echo Engineering had a meager Net Promoter Score. To boost their NPS, they focused on providing more control to their customers over the orders being placed on the website. Below are the immediate objectives set by Rave Digital Team for Echo Engineering:

Magento 2 Migration

M2 Migration

Migrate to scalable & customizable eCommerce platform.

Marketing Automation

Create Meaningful Campaigns

Integration of Salesforce Pardot for email campaigns.

B2B Management

Effective B2B Ecosystem

Integrate an ecosystem of inbuilt B2B features.

Product Recommendation

Module integration

Analyze data about shoppers to learn what types of products and offerings interest them.

ERP Integration

Integration of Sage ERP

ERP for accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory management.

Shipping Management

Custom Module Development

Customized Shipping Module developed in Magento 2 for Seamless Shopping Experience.

Report Management

Convenient Store Reporting

Customize Echo Engineering’s store platform for efficient reporting.

Shopping Cart Optimization

Shopping Cart Promotion Management

Encourage shoppers to increase their order size by providing incentives.

B2B User Management

eCommerce Buyer Management

Go-to panel to manage the accounts of buyers across eCommerce store.

Catalog Management

eCommerce Catalog Management

Deliver a consistent and rich customer experience with proper catalog display.


With a pressing demand of having a highly scalable and customizable platform, the eCommerce experts at Rave recommended Echo engineering migrate their legacy system to Magento Commerce Cloud. Being that Echo Engineering was initially operating on a custom integrated backend CMS platform, it was too fragile. Even a minor change made by developers might have resulted in breaking the connection or flow of other items. Hence to fulfill the need for bettering the management of eCommerce stores, integration with Sage ERP was performed. Doing this helped the team in gaining the ability to create/edit/remove pages as or when demanded with ease. Integrating Sage ERP system was the most crucial part to perform in the project. Post this, all orders, products, and customer details were synchronized with the new Magento platform. Here are a few critical customizations are done to improve the management at admin level and customer experience on the platform:

  • Implementing Custom Modules

    Implementing Custom Modules

    Customized payment and shipping method.

  • Blog for Magento 2

    Blog for Magento 2

    Integration of Aheadworks blog module.

  • Payment Processing

    Payment Processing

    Authorize .net payment gateway integration.

  • Catalog Management

    Catalog Management

    Effectuate User and Catalog Management.

  • Enhanced Product Pages

    Enhanced Product Pages

    Customized store to host best-in-class product pages.

  • Integration with Vertex Tax Cloud

    Integration with Vertex Tax Cloud

    Cloud-based tax solution that automates the end-to-end tax process.

  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Aligned content marketing efforts to increase traffic.


Authorize.Net Payment Integration

Authorize.Net Payment Integration

PayPal Payment Integration

PayPal Payment Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Integration

Social Media Sharing Integration

Social Media Sharing Integration

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