Founded by the renowned healthcare product developer, Richard Nicolo, Emuaid is a cutting-edge research and development consortium that aims at creating unique natural products and dietary supplements for skincare. Richard’s continual research and dedication to finding a treatment for difficult to treat skin conditions resulted in the discovery of Emuaid, a First Aid Ointment. This groundbreaking product is a homeopathic topical ointment that works synergistically to alleviate irritation, reduce inflammation, and manage various symptoms related to resistant skin conditions.

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Objective Of Emuaid

With such an innovative product to sell, Emuaid required a 360-degree view of its potential customer behavior and purchase habits. Additionally, they were keen to understand how the vast potential customer base can be segmented to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. On the interface front, Emuaid presented us with requests for improving the product’s knowledge delivery, enhancing interactiveness with the customer, and making the payment process agile. After a brainstorming session with Emuaids team, the following objectives were recorded:

Gain Customer Insights

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Gain a better understanding of the touchpoints that may lead to conversion and eventually advocacy.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Increase the number of X-sell and Up-sell opportunities on webpages.

Add Engaging Functionalities

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Reduce or prevent any customer cancellations or subscriptions.

Convey Value & Information

Compelling Landing Page

Compelling Landing Page

Create an information-rich landing page for Emuaid to nurture leads.

Online Advertisements

SEO & PPC Campaigns

Marketing Automation

Run targeted campaigns to spread awareness and drive traffic.

Easy Payment Acceptance

Seamless Payment

Seamless Payment

Simplify and Quicken the online payment process for Emuaid.

Customers Rave About Us

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal with every project