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Objective Of The Spice & Tea Exchange

With quick succession and expansion of business, The Spice & Tea Exchange found it challenging to manage their business online. It became cumbersome to manage the vast range of products. With constant upgrades to products and franchises, the site witnessed sluggish loading time, distorted actions, and an unsatisfactory webstore experience. To address the above issues, The Spice & Tea Exchange reached out to Rave Digital intending to improve their online store structure and make the most of their online presence by generating leads online. The following were a few significant objectives that they aimed at accomplishing with us as their development and digital partners.

Boosted Average Order Value

Objective to improve AOV

Spec & Tea aimed at increasing their overall sales revenue.

Enhanced Online Shopping

Full sensory shopping experience

Deliver appealing and engaging experiences through online store.

Attain Up-sell/X-sell

Cross-selling & Upselling

Spice & Tea desired to personalize customer experience and boost revenue.

Consumer Insights

Gather data to grow

The team aimed at collecting insights on consumer behavior, purchasing habits and more.

Ad Campaigning

Geographic targeted ads

With targeted online ads, the team can create audiences based on real-world visits.

Automating Marketing Efforts

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Implementing marketing automation to increase the customer lifetime value.

Vendor Management

Ease out the admin tasks

With increased traffic, managing sales and orders was one of the major problems to resolve.

Competitive Research

Survey, learn, plan & implement

Analyzing the market trends to create a top-notch online presence.


With its team of experts, Rave Digital assisted The Spice & Tea Exchange to establish themselves as a top-rated gourmet spice and tea brand. As a brand that targets the B2C market, we advised the new store should be built on Magento Commerce. Our team identified necessary Magento extensions in order to provide a scalable solution that provided rich user experiences. Since the team at The Spice & Tea Exchange needed a reliable solution to manage their inventory and orders, CIN7 Inventory Management Software was integrated. Apart from the above, the following were the tailored solutions implemented by Rave.

  • Loyalty Program

    Loyalty Program

    Custom program was designed to increase average order value (AOV).

  • Administration


    Customized theme for Magento admin for effective management.

  • One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout

    Integrated one step checkout extension for seamless payment.

  • Appealing Webstore

    Appealing Webstore

    Sitemap extension for making webstore appealing and engaging.

  • Ad Campaigns

    Ad Campaigns

    Location specific ad campaigns to boost sales and branding of store.

  • Purchase Order Management

    Purchase Order Management

    POS & inventory system integration to manage vendors purchase orders.

  • Payment Facilities

    Payment Facilities

    Integration of PayPal and credit system for making payouts promptly.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    CIN7 inventory management software was integrated with the store.


Authorize.Net Payment Integration

Authorize.Net Payment Integration

Credit System Integration

Credit System Integration

PayPal Payment Integration

PayPal Payment Integration

CIN7 Inventory Management Software Integration

CIN7 Inventory Management Software

Sphinx Search Integration

Sphinx Search Integration

Subscription Module Integration

Subscription Module Integration

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