Provide a consistent experience across mobile, desktop, and in-store devices

In online business understanding consumers, individual preferences are crucial. Your online customers might have distinct patterns on how, when, and why they reach for devices to browse and make a purchase. Consequently, it’s important to deliver a consistent experience across devices to increase engagement and conversions.

Create delightful content and consumer-friendly personalized experiences and offers

Understand your customer activity and profile and leverage a rich set of tools on Magento to create personalized experiences across multiple digital touchpoints. With the integration of Adobe Stock, you can add high-quality media to your store, get access to royalty-free photos, illustrations, videos, vectors, and 3-D assets; making your website visually compelling.

Offer a consistent set of products on your web store and on Amazon

Expand your sales to other channels by streamlining your store to multi-channel selling. The Amazon selling feature on Adobe’s Magento eCommerce platform opens up opportunities for sellers to simultaneously deliver a consistent set of products on their web store and on Amazon. Operating this way helps you in operating your standalone storefronts and Amazon storefronts in unison.

Offer pickup at curbsides, warehouses, and other locations

Present your consumers with their preferred flexible, convenient, and cost-effective delivery options like in-store pickup, ship-from-store, or curbside pickup. Offering a variety of shipping options as per your customer’s liberty will help in fulfilling an order from anywhere. With a curbside pickup facility, you can keep business losses at bay, make business operations safer, and minimize losses during challenging times.

PWA Studio For App-Like Experience

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Magento PWA Studio to manage
  • Better User Experience & Conversions
  • Page Builder with Adobe Stock
  • Diversify Revenue Streams
  • Responsive Design
  • Quick Loading Time

AI-powered product recommendations

  • Auto-distributed Page Tagging & Catalog Sync
  • AI-driven Retail experience
  • Nine different recommendation types
  • Embedded Merchant Experience
  • Streamlined User Workflow

Personalized promotions

  • Dynamic Content Display
  • Selective Personalization
  • Managed Personalization
  • Omni-Channel Personalization
  • Target Unknown Site Visitors

Amazon Sales Channel

  • Run a Streamlined Business
  • Monitor Inventory Across Channels
  • Listing Management
  • Order Management
  • Business Pricing (B2B)
  • Intelligent Repricing
  • Fulfillment Management

Support for flexible shipping and fulfillment

  • Clear Order Fulfillment & Return Policies
  • Live Shipping Rates From a Carrier
  • Utilize Shipping Tools
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • Table Rate Shipping
  • International Shipping

Proven, predefined workflows

  • Streamlined Asset Management
  • Efficient Purchase Approval Workflows
  • Create Unique Approval Conditions
  • Improved Headless Commerce
  • Quick view of purchase orders
  • Email Notifications

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