Web Application Testing

Web application testing is a software testing technique exclusively adopted to test the applications, that are hosted on the web in which the application interfaces and other functionalities are tested. We test the web applications thoroughly, for following areas:


Top-level security requires that access is permission based and unauthorized access is disallowed. We thoroughly evaluate the system in an effort to identify all vulnerabilities and possible entry points, which if left unattended could result in a loss of information at the hands of employees or outsiders.

To view a sample of a security test for a web application, please click link below:


GUI testing entails running through an entire system, examining each screen with controls such as buttons, menus, icons, toolbars, menu bars, dialog boxes, windows and more ensuring each is functional and linked appropriately.

To view the entire checklist of points covered in UI/UX testing please click below link:


In order to improve the end user experience for websites & web applications, we execute performance testing in a way that ensures each performs well within their projected workload. Functionalities and features supported by a web application are not the only concern, response time and page load times are very important as well. The end goal of performance testing is not merely to unearth bugs but also remove performance barriers. For Performance testing, we employ GTMetrix which informs us of a website’s full performance rating. GTMetrix reports full details on how the site loads and helps us to determine where the barriers are. Its key features are Page speed and YSlow scores. It provides a detailed page speed analysis and provides approximately 30 suggestions and approaches on how to improve a website’s speed and overall performance.


The prime objective of Functional testing is to evaluate all functional requirements (called use cases) of a web application. Here is an example of a Login module and how Functional testing is performed.

To review a functional test case report sample document, please click the link below:


How easily a user (End User) can navigate a website or application is referred to as usability. Our system runs through the entire structure, identifying issues in flow, execution and overall user experience. We ensure each system is running at peak market standards, thereby delivering a superior user experience.

To view an example of our Web Application Usability Testing Checklist, please click below link: