Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions are scalable and manageable programming solutions which provide easy business information accessibility to internal and external clients. Immensely growing competitive pressures and customer demands have certainly enforced enterprises to restructure themselves. Enterprises have to deal with a variety of obstacles such as application performance, cost reduction, improved bandwidth, market competition and escalating demands making it very crucial to achieve maximum profits with minimal resources. But for keeping up with all these demands and hurdles enterprises need support from an experienced Enterprise Solutions Provider.

Rave Digital is highly competent with both programming and database management which are the primary components of any Enterprise application. Our team of dedicated and well experienced enterprise application development specialists can deliver considerable business value to your enterprise. Our services comprise of a whole enterprise application life-cycle starting from package evaluation and implementation to after project maintenance and enhancements along with the best business process management practices.

Our Expertise in Enterprise Application Development includes

Enterprise Solutions
  • Multitent SAAS (Software as a solution) Systems
  • Specialized industry custom e-commerce applications and its integration with various ERP systems
  • Design huge data store needed by systems like Affiliate Management System, Analytics Software, etc
  • Integration with disparate systems using ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
  • PAAS (Platform as a service) and SAAS (Software as a service) product development
  • SMS and IVR integration
  • GIS and GPS enabled system
  • Email Template Management
  • Report Management
  • Scheduler/Cron Job Management

Make your enterprise experience a smooth evolution from legacy to modernized applications with enterprise solutions offered by Rave Digital.