Mobile Application Testing

Rave offers a comprehensive approach to QA/Testing on applications based on Android & iOS platforms. Our expert QA/Testers perform early requirement analysis by creating test cases, plans, test case executions and defect report management. We utilize Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), when necessary. Rave Digital performs extensive QA/Testing suited specifically to your mobile testing requirements and we follow the below scenarios to perform robust coverage of mobile application:


    We validate the installation process of applications based on their respective platforms either via Application Store, URLs or APKs. We check the behavior of an application with pre-installed applications on appropriate devices. We immediately check all behaviors of an application upon launch, on respective devices. We then validate the un-installation process of the application and confirm all related files are removed from the respective devices.

    To view a detailed checklist for Installations/Uninstallation of mobile application, please click the link below.:
    (Sample) Mobile App Installation/Uninstallation Test Report


    We perform robust testing to ensure complete application functionality. We perform extensive testing to validate an application is in accordance with all necessary requirements. We check for localization functionality for the determined local language of the app. We validate all functionality of the application including calls, SMS, low battery, calendar alerts, and much more!

    To view a sample of a functional test case document, please click the link below.
    (Sample) Mobile App Functional & Localization Test Cases Report

  • UI/UX Testing

    We do checks on server connection changes to WiFi from 2G/3G/4G. We run verifications for application response time, code optimization for the CPU cycle, battery consumption, memory leaks. As well as resources like GPS, Camera, and more. We check application stability, scalability and overall application response with Network signal drop or reduction of signal strength.

    To view a sample of a non-functional testing checklist document, please click the link below:
    (Sample) Mobile App Non-Functional Testing Checklist

  • Performance

    We run performance testing using emulators. We verify the acceptability of a server’s performance under unusual and unforeseen conditions. We ensure the performance of the application on various devices with different OS and device configurations. We verify the request and response load at the server-end during multiple user demands on the same resource (i.e. data records, memory). Additionally, we evaluate how applications perform on different networks (2G, 3G, 4G, Wifi, etc.) and during fluctuations among those networks.


    We verify the application’s behavior in both Landscape and Portrait mode. We do interface evaluations for the pop-ups, layouts, and alignments. We run checks for multi-touch and tilt behavior of applications. We ensure text visibility in selected languages, navigation between screens, and verification of functionality online/offline. We check applications on various devices in real world situations such as single hand navigation.

    To view how we go through the usability checklist on a mobile application, please click the link below:
    (Sample) Mobile App GUI & Usability Testing Checklist.


    We perform an application’s compatibility with multiple firmware versions, as well as different device models. We check if an application is compatible with browsers (default, 3rd party). We also verify how an application is responding while interacting with device features like Flip, Slider, Camera, and Holster.

    To view how we run through the compatibility checklist for mobile application with different OS & devices, please click the link below:
    (Sample) Mobile App Compatibility Checklist


    We provide extensive evaluations, ensuring a mobile applications user friendliness and consistent user experience per the mobile technology updates & standards.

    To view a sample of miscellaneous checklist for mobile application testing, please click the below link:
    (Sample) Mobile App Miscellaneous Testing Checklist.