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Rave is a full-service agency that helps manage your WordPress website to perform at its best so you can focus on growing your business.

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Performance Optimization and Technical Maintenance

Rave performs all routine maintenance of your WordPress website. Our experienced WordPress experts are checklist-ready to provide the best maintenance and custom solutions. We have monthly maintenance plans for WordPress merchants of all sizes.

  • Version Upgrades

    WordPress releases newer minor versions (on average at least 1x per quarter). It is highly recommended to keep your system running the latest version of WordPress/WooCommerce to ensure the health and security of your system.

  • Digital Health Monitoring

    We scan your site every month for SEO issues like: robots.txt, index ration, sitemap.xml, broken links, meta tags, duplicate content, alt text, etc. Here is a link to a sample report that is provided to the dev team.

  • Website Uptime Monitoring

    Our DevOPS team will receive an alert and address it promptly to resolve the incident.

  • WCAG Compliance

    We ensure your website is accessible to everyone by running WCAG scans Items reported by the scan are addressed by the assigned support team.

  • Email & Phone Support

    Our active technical support team is always available to solve problems. All online transaction systems need active support. As soon as we receive a request, we investigate and assist with the solutions.

  • Performance Management

    We optimize WordPress sites every quarter. We run your store through PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix to check the performance of your store and address issues reported by these tools.

Maintenance + Development Support Options

Rave All Care

As we have been doing this for over a decade, we know how much time it takes for us to perform the maintenance activities. The effort needed to perform the maintenance activities depends on your Magento footprint. We consider the current number of extensions, custom modules, and integrations to start. Within our consultation, we will also discuss your store’s needs and goals to determine which plan will work best for you. We also give an allowance of hours towards custom development that does not expire. We do not believe in contracts. Our service plans are executed month to month. Please see the outline of plans below for guidance on the criteria.

Online Store Features
Best Suited For

Number of content pages & posts

100 500 1000 1000+

Number of websites (multi-site)

1 2-3 4-5 5+

Number of plugins

1-10 11-20 21-30 30+

Custom post objects

1-2 3-5 5-10 10+

Number of custom plugins

0-3 4-5 6-10 10+

Simple Integrations Vendors like Mailchimp, Mailgun, Google Analyticsetc.

Check Check Check Check

Advanced Integrations Vendors like marketing automation like Hubspot, Custom Webforms, CRM systems like Salesforce, etc.

Check Check Check Check
What's Included

Maintenance Service Our maintenance activity keeps the website healthy, including version upgrades. The amount of time depends on the number of extensions, integrations, and modules the website uses.

200-250 hours 250-300 hours 300-350 hours 400+ hours

Custom Development

120 hours 240 hours 360 hours Dedicated team

Access to our catalog of extensions

Included Included Included Included

Digital Marketing

Additional Additional Additional Additional

Cost per year (invoiced monthly)




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Awards & Recognition

Our dedication to delivering quality eCommerce solutions has positioned us within top-ranking amongst peers, and proud recipients of 4 Adobe Magento Awards

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