As you already know Magento Commerce 2.2.x is nearing the end of support, merchants were eagerly waiting for 2.3.x to release to leverage better features and security. As part of Magento’s new release process, on Tuesday, September 24, you will receive access to Magento Commerce 2.3.3 two weeks ahead of general availability (coming October 8th). This Change in Magento’s release process will provide merchants with much needed time to evaluate Magento’s latest patch, begin upgrade efforts, and remain secure ahead of the general availability date. With Magneto 2.3.3, merchants will get significant changes incorporated into Magento’s native payment integrations to comply with new European directives and support for the latest stable PHP 7.3 version. The security support for PHP 7.1 is reaching its end of life. To stay compliant and to achieve the highest level of security and performance in Magento stores, merchants should upgrade to the latest PHP version suggested by Magento.

What Magento Commerce 2.3.3 brings to the table, some highlights:

  • Security: With more than 100 security fixes in the upcoming patch, Magento continues to strengthen the platform and reduce the backlog by focusing on reported issues.
  • Performance: With robust performance enhancements, merchants will benefit from faster loading times and improved Google PageSpeed Insights scores, up to 5 points in some instances.
  • Quality: Over 190 product quality enhancements across many critical areas of the platform like our Sales, Catalog, and Checkout modules.

Merchants can also review the draft release notes for more information about all of the enhancements included in Magento Commerce 2.3.3. Additionally, on September 24, Magneto will also release Magento Commerce 2.2.10 and its latest Security-only patch 2.3.2-p1. The Security-only patch will be a fix for Magento Commerce and Open-source 2.3.2. Magento has worked on reported security issues and subsequently came up with this Security-only patch 2.3.2-p1. You might have noticed the unusual naming scheme for the security-only patch release, especially since it’s being released alongside the 2.3.3 release, reason being the security-only patch is based on the prior full patch release on Magento’s most recent release line to give you a possible upgrade path like this, see below:

Naming Scheme for the Security-Only Patch Release

Source: Magento Community

If you are a Magento merchant, customer, or managing a Magento store consult with our certified Magento Developers regarding your upgrade to Magento Commerce 2.3.3 and Security-only patch 2.3.2-p1 today!