Magento Commerce has recently announced the launch of its next-generation commerce applications marketplace, Magento Marketplace. Magento merchants can extend the functionality of their Magento stores and deliver far-more-engaging experiences to their customers with a simplified user experience for easy discovery of curated, high-quality products and services. Further, the extension developers get access to a large and growing customer base.


With the new Magento Marketplace they are bringing in a new vetting process that consist of a technical, marketing and business value review. This ensures that Magento merchants only buy high quality technologies from the most trusted developers in the Magento ecosystem. Magento curates Marketplace inventory to feature the best technologies Magento has to offer, ensuring a positive experience for merchants, technology partners, solution providers and extension developers.

Merchant Benefits

  • Quick discovery of the new products and services
  • Showcasing curated extensions
  • One-stop resource for all things Magento

Extension Developer, Technology Partner and Solution Provider Benefits

  • They can grow their extension business while gaining new opportunities to more quickly deliver innovation and value to their clients.
    Buying experience is as smooth as possible.
  • Inventory management practices and dynamic content, such as reviews and case studies, prominently showcase developer-built products and services to merchant and agency buyers.
  • New code checks and plagiarism reviews.
  • It protects developers’ work and increases merchant trust.

After the launch of the company’s next-generation commerce platform, Magento 2.0, the Magento Marketplace takes the role of an app store manager—resulting in lower operational costs for extension developers. Further, the Magento team now provides significant support, including managing payments and checkout, refunds and chargebacks, and marketing and lead generation for all Marketplace transactions.

You can checkout the new Magento Marketplace at