Are you on WordPress? You should be! WordPress is easy to setup, manage, and update. However, there are many features that don’t come by default but seem like MUST HAVE features for any WordPress website.

Let’s take GLOBAL SEARCH into consideration.

WordPress Admin panel is crisp, clean and easy to remember but again it does not provide any feature to search for anything in it.

We think a WordPress install should have a GLOBAL SEARCH making it SUPER EASY to locate content at admin end.

So… what is Global Search?

  • It is a powerful tool that looks up for the entered keyword to be registered as page, post, widget, sidebar, etc. & fetches the best match from the records.
  • Its algorithm uses wildcard characters for effective results.

How it works?

Step 1: Login to Admin panel.

Login to Admin panel

Step 2: On dashboard, you will see the textbox. This search box is available on all screens in admin panel.

search box

Step 3: Search using any keyword in it, you will get a list of posts, pages, custom-posts, widgets etc. matching with the keyword.

listing results

Step 4: On clicking any item of resultset, you will be redirected to the respective page, post or widget.

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Global Search Features

  • Easy to localize WP entities
  • Auto-suggestions based on typed letters
  • Profitable and easy… especially for non-technicals
  • Crucial element for big and complex WP sites
  • Quick access of pages
  • Understandable result list
  • Ajax response on each letter entered in search bar
  • Easy to navigate to the page as link is provided over each result