Drive Sales With Compelling Experiences & Rich Product Content

To drive sales and revenue, you must seize control of the market, beat the competition, and delight your customers. Magento Commerce empowers you with functionalities that influence consumers’ buying habits, create opportunities, reduce expenditure, and grow revenue.

Drive Sales With Compelling Experiences & Rich Product Content

What Can You Do?

To keep up with the exponentially increasing competitiveness in the eCommerce market, you must create compelling interactions at every touchpoint to deliver unique purchasing and fulfillment experience to your B2B customer.
Personalization has emerged as a critical factor in driving sales and enhancing the online shopping experience. As a B2B merchant, you must run targeted promotions, compose personalized product content, and offer specific customer group recommendations.
Are you a wholesale B2B merchant? Leverage Stock Keeping Unit in Magento 2 settings and better manage your inventories. Further, your customers can pick more quantities of their preferred products quickly in no time.
Magento makes it easy to manage multi-stores through a single platform. If you own or manage multiple Magento installations, you can leverage this feature as Magento grants you a single admin panel to view and control multiple Commerce stores or websites.
Proactively engage with your potential customers by integrating a chat tool on your eCommerce platform. Aimed at enhancing your store’s customer support and online sales, the LiveChat window will help visitors get quick answers and a personalized shopping experience.

How Magento Commerce Helps:

  • Enable B2B Guest Check Out
  • Configure & Customize Promotions
  • Set Different Pricing Structures
  • Customized Banners, Blocks & Widgets
  • Control the Products Shown to Shoppers
  • Super-charged Content Creation Tool
  • Support For Multiple Content Types
  • Point-and-Click Button Creation
  • Integration With Adobe Stock
  • Plug-and-play Product Information
  • Quick & Easy Inline Editing
  • Product Exclusivity
  • Enable Breadcrumbs For Conversions
  • Effectively Display More Information
  • Generate Customized Snippets
  • Deliver Refined Content Experience
  • Accomplish Eye-catching Results
  • Browse Preloaded Pages In Offline Mode
  • Push Notifications To Enhance User Engagement
  • Faster Response Time & Instant Loading
  • Flawless Browsing Experience
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Advanced Accessibility
  • Full-screen Mode
  • Sell Different Products Under Single Web Domain
  • Seamless Account Management
  • Uncluttered Website Experience
  • Increased Scalability
  • Easy Store Exploration

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