Allow B2B customers to buy online instead of fax or phone

Take your business online with self-service tools to manage buyer roles, product catalogs, permissions, invoice tracking, and several other core functionalities. To process the online sales, you can also implement an automated order approval process as per the specific rules set by your company.

Support customer-specific product catalog & shopping workflows

Showcase customer-specific catalogs and pricing to reflect the negotiated contracts. Implement targeted content and promotions that personalize each visit and boost conversions. You can also support unique buyer needs by performing fast reordering from previous orders in a few clicks.

Allow customers to configure products online

Give the power of customization to your customers by allowing them to configure their products online. With Magento Commerce, you can leverage fulfillment options to meet individual as well as bulk shipments requirements. Not to forget, you can provide custom catalogs and price lists as well.

Streamline purchasing & extend credit to customers

Get a seamless request-for-quote process to complete online negotiations and punchout support using partner extensions to serve customers buying from eProcurement systems. Furthermore, you can offer credit to encourage customers to speed up and increase their spending on your store.

Test out new subscription, service, or marketplace strategies

Leverage the best-in-class B2B commerce platform to serve your audience by implementing flexible selling models and business intelligence tools. Also, garner the built-in support for digital goods, services, warranties, and extensions for subscription and marketplaces.

Built-in B2B Functionality

  • Customer Specific Catalogs and Pricing
  • Multi-site support
  • Targeted promotional content
  • Drag-and-drop merchandising

Quick Ordering Via Forms

  • Friction-free Purchasing
  • Quick reordering from past orders
  • Saved Shopping Lists
  • Seamless request for quotes
  • Requisition Lists

Online Requests for Custom Quotes

  • Users can initiate the negotiation process directly from the shopping cart
  • Multiple products per quote
  • Convert quote to order in one click
  • Quote List alike a Shopping Cart

Additional Support

  • Subscriptions
  • Digital Goods
  • Highly Configurable Goods
  • Customizable Marketplaces

Integration with ERP and other platforms

  • Integrations increase efficiency
  • Manage permissions effectively
  • Full order and invoice tracking
  • Real-time inventory sync and visibility
  • Simplified compliance