Provide Convenient Self-service Account Management & Online Support

Similar to B2C, B2B customers also prize efficiency and convenience in quickly finding what they need. You can offer quick ordering, bulk entries, intuitive reordering, and rich content or product information to boost the B2B shopping experience with Magento Commerce.

Provide Convenient Self-service Account Management & Online Support

What Can You Do?

Make B2B commerce easier to operate with self-service tools. Conferring self-service capabilities effectively allows them to track orders, quotes, and credit. You can even set buyer roles and permissions online rather than following up on a tedious phoning or faxing process.
Your B2B customers no longer want to deal with streams of invoices, paperwork, and emails. With self-service tools, Magento provides them a one-stop-shop where they can seamlessly view, buy, and manage products and services.
Strengthen your competitive position by letting your customers request quotes for unlimited product quantity. You can further allow them to create quotes in one click from product or category pages and manage all requests on a quotations grid.
Raise the bar of your customer service by offering quick and easy online returns. Set-up an intuitive and step-by-step front-end interface for customers to create return requests and monitor the requests’ progress on the Return Request page.
From managing resources to accomplishing seamless support, ensure you handle everything from a central access point. Create company accounts with multiple buyers and permissions to provide online approvals thresholds and workflow. Also, make informed business management decisions with the order, quote, invoice tracking, and many such distinct B2B functionalities.

How Magento Commerce Helps:

  • Decide Admin and sub-account roles
  • Set Maximum Order amount
  • Create/Edit Sub-account Permissions
  • Cart Approval Process
  • Organized Management
  • Customizable Approval Ruless
  • Built-in Notifications to Speed Up The Processs
  • Manage Order Approvals at The Backends
  • Put Custom Order Statuss
  • Customized Message at Checkout For Customers
  • Generate CSV/Excel For Pending Orders
  • Create Purchase Orders (As Per Company Norms)
  • Filter, Track, View, & Resubmit Orders
  • Branded Tracking Pages
  • Quote Requesting From Cart
  • Detailed Quote Tracking
  • Rapid Reordering
  • Simple And Speedy Return Requests
  • Email Alerts About Return Status
  • Systematically Manage RMA
  • Automatic Approving Return Requests
  • View All Returns Raised in a Single Request Grid
  • Allow Store Credit to Pay For Purchases
  • View Current Outstanding Balance
  • Allocate Credit Limit
  • Get Details of Outstanding Invoices
  • View Detailed Credit Allocation History

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