Use Data To Uncover New Opportunities

Amplify your eCommerce sales by getting insights from metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, Retention Rates, and many more. With the Magento Business Intelligence (BI) tool, you can effortlessly monitor your business health and unleash the true power of data.

Use Data To Uncover New Opportunities

What Can You Do?

Direct your focus on products that bring the most value to your eCommerce business. Gain insights into your online business, recognize what customers prefer, and learn about the best performing bundles and profitable products. Evaluating the historical data will let you drive revenue growth for your B2C eCommerce business.
Segmenting your customer base will help you focus your marketing efforts and identify your most profitable customers. Analyzing customer behavior and targeting the right customers will ultimately pay off in terms of higher average order values, increased profits, higher conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction.
Today, eCommerce is as much about the experiences customers have with your brand as it is about the product or price. To deliver a customer-driven solution, you need to be at the forefront of digital innovation and better forecast future performances! Analyzing your top-tier customers and products can help in forecasting the future sales and performance of your business.

How Magento Commerce Helps:

  • 100+ Report Types to Analyze Business Performance
  • Centralize Your Data
  • Automated Data Replication Technology
  • Customize & Standardize Your Business Metrics
  • Turn Your Data Into Striking Visuals
  • Schedule, Send Analysis Directly to People’s Inbox
  • Effective management of returns, refunds & cancellations
  • Improve business efficiency & forecasting
  • Consistent & Consolidated Reporting
  • Get a centralized hub for your business
  • Billing & Inventory Management
  • Gain omnichannel compatibility

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