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Maintaining Your Adobe Commerce (Magento) Store Is Critical

Working With an Adobe Partner Is Essential to Maintaining the Health of Your Magento Store.

Rave Digital Is a Trusted, Award-Winning, Full-Service Ecommerce Agency.

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Performance Optimization and Technical Maintenance

Rave performs all routine maintenance of your eCommerce store. Our certified Magento experts are checklist-ready to provide the best maintenance and custom solutions. We have monthly maintenance plans for Magento merchants of all sizes.

What are Security Patches?

Security Patches are software updates aimed at patching vulnerability issues. Adobe runs a vulnerability disclosure program on Hackerone.com. Ethical hackers – discover vulnerabilities and report them there (see screenshot below).

Adobe Commerce (Magento) Security Patches

These reports are reviewed by Adobe, once validated Adobe develops and releases a security patch to address the exposed vulnerability.

At this point, Adobe notifies the community and partners like Rave Digital and Aheadworks who act swiftly and methodically, and apply the necessary security patches to ensure the ongoing security of our customers’ Magento store. As once a Magento store is compromised, salvaging it is much more involved and may cost a tremendous amount of money, in some cases millions of dollars.

Example of a secure store

New Security Patch Updated Store Low Risk


Example of a vulnerable store

New Security Patch Vulnerable Store High Risk

Version Upgrades

Upgrading to the latest version of Magento gives you access to new features and functionality that can help you improve the functionality and user experience of your online store. This can include new marketing and sales tools, improved checkout and payment options, and enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

Version Upgrade Funnel


Just the way PCs update their operating system (Windows, Mac OS), and all the applications on your PC like MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, etc. require updates to maintain performance; so, does Magento. Magento releases updated versions several times a year, these new releases typically include several hundred functional fixes: including bug fixes to previous versions, framework improvements, and new and improved features!


Prior to updating a Magento Commerce store, we carefully review enabled extensions, custom modules, and integrations. We fetch the latest versions that are compatible with the newly released version, test through compatibility on staging, and once validated through a stringent QA process, an upgrade is performed on production.

Example of a secure store

Version Upgrade An Updated Store Low Risk


Example of a vulnerable store

Version Upgrade An Outdated Store High Risk

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Want to experience similar results on your Magento store?
Scan Your Magento Shop for Known Vulnerabilities

Gain insight in the security status of your Magento shop(s) and learn how to fix possible vulnerabilities, for free!

Performance Optimization

Magento is a complex, open-source platform, and by its very nature requires consistent performance monitoring, maintenance, and tuning. Here are several key areas we would focus on the improve the speed of your Magento store:

Use Content Delivery Network

Utilize Full Page Caching

Gzip Compression

Expire Headers

Configure Elasticsearch (preferably) or Enable Flat Catalog

Image Optimization

Concatenate (merge) CSS and JavaScript Files

Enable Magento Compilation (Only Magento Version <2)

Clean Up Magento Database & Logs

Disable Unwanted Extensions & Modules

Update Indexes

Use PHP Accelerators

Here is an example of a Magento site scan on page speed insight before and after optimization:

SEO Audit & Repair

Any website, especially a transactional web store exists to sell goods and/or services. The site needs to be digitally healthy and SEO optimized in order to rank high organically! Our SEO audits scan for issues around: robots.txt, sitemap.xml, broken links, meta tags, duplicate content, index ratio, crawlability, alt text, toxic backlinks, etc.

Major SEO Site Audit Issues We Identify and Repair

Broken Internal Links in Magento

Broken Internal Links

Multiple broken links negatively affect UX & may worsen your search engine rankings.

Links to HTTP Pages for HTTPS site in Magento

Links to HTTP Pages for HTTPS site

The old HTTP website version can confuse search engines & adversely affects rankings.

Temporary Redirects in Magento

Temporary Redirects

Temporary redirects can damage your search rankings & all the SEO efforts.

Nofollow Attributes in Internal Links in Magento

Nofollow Attributes in Internal Links

They restrict search engine crawlers & link juice to flow throughout the website.

Permanent Redirects in Magento

Permanent Redirects

Permanent redirects can decrease your crawl budget & confuse users.

Non-descriptive Anchor Text in Magento

Non-descriptive Anchor Text

Non-descriptive anchor text provides little value to users and search engines.

Digital Health Monitoring Helped Topps







Security Scans

Rave uses an industry-standard tool to monitor your site for vulnerabilities that may be injected.

Here is a screenshot of the ‘Successful Scans’ section in a Security Scans Report. The store has passed these vulnerabilities checked by the tool:

Security Scans

Error Monitoring

Rave uses industry-standard tools to report errors that are preventing transactions from happening, hinders conversions and results in loss of revenue. This service is included at no cost for up to 25,000 sessions per month. Additional fees may apply for more sessions.

Lost Revenue Report is one of the key reports that we generate and analyze for our clients. The report allows us to see exactly what the site errors are costing the client and we prioritize and fix those errors on a timely basis.

Lost Revenue Simulator

Site Uptime Monitoring/Alerts

We either work with your hosting provider or put a monitoring alert system. So that the accountable team gets notified every time the site is down.

We use industry-standard tools to track the uptime for the Magento stores. Here are snapshots of reports generated using these tools:

Site Uptime Monitoring
Site Uptime Monitoring Preview

Additionally, we do an end-to-end manual review of the site looking for issues that might hinder a smooth customer journey that includes but is not limited to the following.

Visiting Homepage

Visiting Homepage

We check if all the sections and elements are loading and functioning correctly.

Examining Category Pages

Examining Category Pages

We check if functionalities like Filters, Quick View, Add-to-cart, Compare, etc. are working properly.

Checking Product Listing Pages

Checking Product Listing Pages

We check if pricings, sections, and functionalities are operating accurately.

Add To Cart Products

Add-to-cart Products

We check if products are getting added perfectly to the cart whether simple, configurable, or bundled.

Evaluating Shopping Cart & Checkout Page

Evaluating Shopping Cart & Checkout Page

We check if functionalities like shipping calculator, coupons, gift card, discounts, etc. are working appropriately.

Reviewing CMS Pages

Reviewing CMS Pages

We check if all the CMS pages like About Us, Contact, T&C, etc. are loading and linked to the website.

WCAG Scans & Compliance

Rave runs your site through WCAG scans and reports accessibility and compliance issues to the dev team. The Dev team will discuss items over the scheduled cadence and add to the sprint after discussion with the client’s team.

Here are sample screenshots of different types of issues reported after the WCAG scan:

Email/Call Support

eCommerce systems have ongoing transactions, and as a result, require consistent support. Once we receive a request, we will assess/investigate and respond.

Email Call Support

Do you need Maintenance & Support for your store?

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