3 Dec, 2020

What eCommerce will look like in 2021?

2021-06-11T08:10:38-04:00Categories: iPhone|

“E-commerce merchants will have to embrace new technologies and keep with changes to survive and stay ahead.” The rapid pace of eCommerce evolution shows no signs of slowing down What will eCommerce look like in 2021? Are you asking yourself the same question? Throughout this blog, we will cover the top eCommerce trends we [...]

2 Sep, 2020

7 Latest Mobile App Development Best Practices to Follow in 2020

2020-10-03T09:09:02-04:00Categories: iPhone, Mobile App|

Be it Android or iPhone, the development of mobile applications for your business can be intimidating. Even if you have a technical background, you might have to dive deep into mobile applications' technicalities, which can be a challenging task. Moreover, if you're to venture into developing your business application yourself, it may take months or [...]

15 Jun, 2015

Benefits & Importance of HTML 5 over HTML 4

2020-12-23T05:42:36-04:00Categories: iPhone|

HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML which is the core markup language of the World Wide Web that can be written in both HTML (HTML 5) and XML (XHTML 5) language. In this newest version of HTML, a number of APIs have been added such as Timed media playback, Canvas element, Offline storage database, Document editing, Drag-and-drop, Cross-document messaging, Browsing history management etc. that shape the foundation of Web architecture. HTML 5 is specially designed in order to meet the changing Web 2.0 world.

15 Jun, 2015

iPhone 5: Ultrafast Mobile Phone

2020-12-23T06:31:21-04:00Categories: iPhone|

iPhone 5 has finally arrived. Apple has launched the big phone in one of its event in San Francisco. The next generation iPhone comes with many enthralling features that everyone’s expecting for. Wider display, better resolution, light weight, and slim body, all these features make the iPhone 5 a most beautiful phone ever produced by Apple. Apple has once again proved the reason why it is the favorite mobile phone brand for so many people.

15 Jun, 2015

iCloud.com Email Addresses for Apple Users

2020-12-23T05:47:01-04:00Categories: iPhone|

After the launch of its new operating system Mountain Lion, Apple seems to be in no mood to give even a slightest advantage to its competitors. In a latest “Update's Change Log” the company has announced that the transitions of its users from old me.com email addresses to the new iCloud.com addresses has been started. People signing up for new Apple devices (or say Apple ID’s) would automatically get the new @iCloud.com email addresses.

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