The much hyped iPhone 5 has finally arrived.

Apple has launched the big phone in one of its most recent events in San Francisco. The next generation iPhone comes with many enthralling features that everyone has been expecting for so long.

Wider display, better resolution, light weight, and slim body, all these features make the iPhone 5 the most beautiful phone ever produced by Apple.

Apple has once again proved that why it is the favorite mobile phone brand for so many people. The technology leader was already on its way to unveil some groundbreaking products this year starting from its innovative textbook “iBooks”. Let’s explore the key features of the 5th version of iPhone:

iPhone 5 Key Features

Broad Display

The much hyped iPhone 5 has finally arrived

The iPhone 4S had around 3.6 inches display with 960X640 pixels resolution. However, the iPhone 5 has a 4 inch display. This means its display screen would be 4 inch with1,136X640 pixels resolution and that too with retina display.

Its aspect ratio reads 16:9 which is bigger than its predecessor. Result of this, the new dazzling phone has 6 rows of apps on its front screen. There are five rows of apps for pages, while the one row is permanent, touching the bottom of iPhone 5. When you download apps in your new iPhone 5 that were compatible with previous iPhone too then they will be surrounded by two black bars, as this is an additional update in the new phone.

Light Weight and Trimmer

A phone which is made up of glass and aluminum would certainly be weightier, but iPhone 5 is an exception to this. Yes, the iPhone 5 weighs just 112 grams, 20% slender than iPhone 4S despite its glass and aluminum body. It’s not just weightless, but also thinner than its ancestors.It is 7.9 mm thin, approximately 18% slimmer than iPhone 4S.

First 4G LTE Phone

iPhone 5 is also the first phone of Apple that supports 4G LTE networks. Now the iPhone lovers can connect with high speed internet from 4G networks provided by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in the United States, Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile in Europe, Virgin in Canada, Singtel and Telstra in Australia, KT, SoftBank, KDDI, and a couple others in Asia . Apart from 4G LTE, this new generation phone is also having fast wireless networking.

New Processor

iPhone 5 is having an upgraded processor, A6, which is said to be twice as fast as its previous versions. It is also 22% smaller than A5 processor of iPhone 4S. Due to this, iPhone 5 would not only work faster, but also take least power energy, resulting in more battery life span.

Enhanced Camera

iPhone 5: Ultrafast Mobile Phone

One more notable feature that the revolutionary phone arrived with is its improved camera. The camera is 25% smaller, though it is still 8 Mega Pixels. Now you don’t always need to use Flash for bright and high quality pictures. iPhone 5’s dynamic low lighting will work like Flash and provide you superior quality images. More image enhancing features are like 3-D noise reduction, and smart filter would provide you a unique experience.

New Doc Connector

Another attentive update from Apple is iPhone 5’s new doc connector, which is an 8 pin little card, replacing its ageing 30 pin connector. It is termed as “Lightning” connector. The new port is thinner, lighter and more durable and can be connected even reversibly, as its digital port support both end same point use.

Three Separate Microphones

Apple decided to put three microphones separately on the iPhone 5 body, so that the voice quality could be clear and justifiable. This improvement would enhance the performance of Siri. The earphone is prepared with noise deletion kit which will further provide an outstanding music experience.

Iphone 5 costs $199 for 16GB, $299 for a 32GB and $399 for 64GB model.