Apple has recently announced its fascinating iWork productivity apps, Keynote, Pages and Numbers which work for three Apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPod and iPad. In the series of iWork upgrade, it is the latest iWork software. It was initially created for the Mac and then completely redesigned for iOS and Apple’s Multi-Touch interface. It enables you to create and share stunning presentations, fantastic formatted documents and powerful spreadsheets.

Through this you can create, edit, organize and share amazing presentations, documents and spreadsheets anywhere and anytime. You can also import and export documents from iWork for Mac and Microsoft Office with print wirelessly facility. All iWork applications in iPhone and iPad now include updated document management with image thumbnail that let you find your file quickly and group them into folders easily.

iWork Features

There are three key features of iWork – Keynote, Pages and Numbers.

  • Keynote: Keynote lets you create astonishing presentation which includes selection of best suited theme from an impressive collection of 44 Apple-designed themes. Its easy-to-use tools allow you to add table, chart, media and shapes to your slides. You can also add 3D animated chart, pictures, movies, music from iPhone and iPad using media browser. Keynote provides you powerful graphics tool which will make you able to create your presentation absolute best. You can play your presentation either in full screen view on the eye-catching, high-resolution Retina display or you can connect to a projector or HDTV for a large audience. Using iPhone iWork and iPad iWork, the Keynote remote app allows your iPhone or iPod touch to control a Keynote presentation on any iOS device or Mac.
  • Pages: In the world of mobile devices, iWork software’s Pages is the most beautiful word processor ever designed and has everything you need to create a fantastic document. Before the start of the writing, you can give your document an amazing look with 180 Apple-designed templates, with facilities of placing own photos and media files. Pages provide all possible help during writing a document with contextual format bar. And after the end of the writing, you can give your work a dazzling look with powerful Do-It-Yourself page layout which has also facility of adding own photos, charts and tables.
  • Numbers: Just like Pages, Numbers uses advantage of the high-resolution Retina display and Smart Zoom to make working with text and cells on iPhone 4 or iPod touch easy. It also provides facility of choosing a well suited template with already formed chart, tables and formulas. Numbers takes advantage of Multi-Touch gestures and an intelligent keyboard to help you create compelling, great-looking spreadsheets with over 250 easy-to-use functions.