‘What do you mean?’

This seems to be the attitude of Apple after the launch of its new operating system Mountain Lion. Apple seems to be in no mood to give even a slightest advantage to its competitors after the big launch.

In a latest “Update’s Change Log” the company has announced that the transitions of its users from old me.com email addresses to the new iCloud.com addresses have started.

quotes1People signing up for new Apple devices (or say Apple ID’s) would automatically get the new @iCloud.com email addresses. Even, if you are enabling the Mail service first time in your iCloud account as a new Apple user, you would be awarded with the newquotes2@iCloud email address. Those who already have @me.com email addresses which they are using with the iOS 6 beta 3 would also receive iCloud.com email addresses matching to their old @me addresses.

Apple has already discontinued its MobileMe services for the sake of its iCloud services on June 30, 2012. However, the MobileMe registered users still have some time to shift their accounts to newly launched iCloud services.

Apple had first started with its iTools and .Mac services in 2008, which were later transitioned to the MobileMe and Me.com services. Now, it is switching from the old MobileMe to newly reformed iCloud service.

Apple is also looking forward with iOS 6 iMessage by connecting user’s phone numbers with their Apple IDs. This would allow iPhone users to receive messages from iPad and iPod touch devices directly with their phone numbers instead of their email addresses.

iCloud is the service that allows synchronization of many things such as contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, etc.