iPhone User?

Waiting for Google to come up with an update for its Google+ app?

‘Well, your wait is over as Google has recently snuck out a Google+ update for its iPhone users.’

Google+ Iphone App's New Updated Version

Google has recently announced the updated version of Google+ iPhone app, a much-needed renovation that everyone was anticipating since the release of its first version. The company confirms the availability of the new version of the app on apple app store.

After an unimpressive performance with its previous version, the company now seems to give users an incredible experience with its new version. The new Google+ app looks so promising; we may think that the Google+ social network wasn’t that bad a thing ever.

‘A beautiful, redesigned and visually attractive interface makes Google+ a stunning app and possibly brings it in the lieu of best social networking apps, till date.’

Google+ iPhone App Features

Google+ iPhone app update has come up with plenty of new and improved features. Following are those features:

Google+ Iphone App's New Updated Version

Improved Graphics and User Interface:

The app stream that occurs after logging in is now contained large iPhone wide graphics with the domination of greys and gradients. The posting texts/links are kept up to two lines just above its corresponding images which can be fully viewed on click.

Adding comments on photos and tapping +1 button are easy with the updated version of the app.

Quick Drop down Menu:

A quick drop down menu that appears after clicking on an upper -top-left icon lets users to control & filter their stream. Apart from Profile, Messenger and Photos options, drop down menu also lists a Circle selection that allows users to create & control their circle. A little pencil icon at the top permits users to post content.

While sharing on Google+, the application also presents a simple menu that helps users easily navigate through sharing.

Chat through Messenger:

Users can chat with people in their circle or they can also choose their phone contacts. Adding more than one people in a conversation and hanging out with them is also offered as an advantage by Google+ app.

Google+ Iphone App's New Updated Version

Viewing Photos in a Circle:

One of the eye-catching features of the updated Google+ app is its ability to show the collective view of photos shared through a circle or from a particular individual. The attractive grid view and a facility to bring up images in full-screen mode upon clicking are some of the impressive features of the app. Users can enjoyably share photos that they think are share worthy.

The updated Google+ iPhone app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. The company is also eying an update to its ‘Android app’ in the next few weeks.