iPhone 4S is the latest member of the Apple’s iPhone family representing the fifth generation of the iPhone. It can be described as a single gadget providing a combination of features of various devices like hand-held computer, cell-phone, GPS, digital/video camera, and music player. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Escalating the iPhone4S capabilities more, it is also supported by an online infrastructure.

Like iPhone 4, iPhone 4S also have a flat and sleek design both sides. The screen is made of glass. The sides have metal buttons with stainless steel body and a camera at back. The iPhone 4S also comes in two colors i.e. black and white like its predecessors. Though iPhone4S seems very much superficially similar to the iPhone 4, but there are three key features that make it far more superior and desirable than iPhone4. These features are: Siri, the latest 8 megapixel camera, and an A5 processor with more power.

iPhone 4s Features

Following are the new or improved features of iPhone4S that distinguishes it from its predecessors:

  • Antenna Improvements: The improved antenna design of iPhone4S provides a much rigid signal, faster 3G speeds, better call quality, and lightning-fast Wi-Fi signal acquisition. The 3G download speed on the new iPhone4S is almost three to four times faster than the iPhone 4.
  • Shifted Controls: The controls have been shifted and arranged with a bilateral symmetry consequently making many (not all) cases designed for the GSM model iPhone 4 inapt for the iPhone 4S; including Apple’s own bumper cases.
  • Quieter Vibration Motor: The old vibration motor found in iPhone 4 has been swapped and a new quieter motor is incorporated in the iPhone4S. But that doesn’t make the vibration weaker than before; just the annoying noise that comes every time with the vibration has been bunged.
  • Audio Improvements: iPhone 4S speakers are evidently louder when compared with iphone 4. The noticeable effect of the louder speaker is that makes it easier to hear ringtones and other sounds if in a noisy environment.
  • Bluetooth 4.0: The iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to support Bluetooth 4.0 which is a low-energy Bluetooth spec allowing devices to sync via Bluetooth while consuming far less power than traditional Bluetooth devices. This low-power version of Bluetooth support transmission of data from other peripherals like heart rate monitors, watches, and input devices like keyboards or game controllers.
  • Video Mirroring: The iPhone 4S is also the first iPhone to support mirroring to an Apple TV via AirPlay, at 720p resolution. It also provides video mirroring or video out at 1080p resolution via Apple’s Digital AV Adapter or VGA Adapter, the same connectors that allow for 1080p mirroring on the iPad 2.
  • Works all over the World: iPhone4S has users scattered all over the world. The consumer interface is localized directly into over 30 languages which can be easily switched together. As the keyboard is software-based, user is capable of selecting from 50 plus different layouts with support for language-specific functions such as diacritic marks upon characters, handwritten enter for Chinese, along with contextual character choices for Japanese.