On 2-June-2014 at WWDC Apple has introduced a new programming language “Swift”. Swift is designed & developed to make it much easier to program applications on Mac OS X and iOS devices. It is an innovative and new programming language for Cocoa & Cocoa touch. Coding in Swift is interactive and fun task, it provides concise & expressive syntax.

Swift has been in development for the last four years; hoping to replace Objective-C which is a main programming language for applications development on Apple’s platforms, OSX and iOS.

With swift, Rave is ready for our next iOS and OS X projects but most importantly Swift codes work side by side with Objective C. This means we can introduce Swift codes, by coding discrete modules that should smoothly inter-operates with our existing Objective-C codes.

Apple Swift is a big deal. It will gradually replace Apple’s current Objective-C programming language, which was developed in the 80’s. It has been 17 years since apple launched a new coding language so undoubtedly Swift is very important to Apple developer community and conscious developers at Rave.