Plugins are what transform your WordPress-powered site into a feature-rich powerhouse. There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress directory! Researching and choosing the most appropriate WordPress (WP) plugins can be challenging, so which ones are worth it?

We have carefully curated a list of the top must-have plugins that every WordPress site should have as a minimum to elevate your website, online presence and business to the next level. Here is the feature based plugin list:

Global search

Quickly search for components in a large and complex website.

We have built a custom feature that searches against all posts, pages, widgets, and custom posts in a WordPress (WP) installation. It helps locate website assets much quicker than a traditional manual search.

Global Search WordPress

Edit Widget link in the frontend

Reduces the tedious task of searching for a specific widget in the backend.

We have built a feature that appends an Edit link to the sidebars shown on the site. However, it is visible to the administrator only. It’s a time saving and useful feature even for a novice.

Edit Widget WordPress

Cache components

Improve page load and overall performance of your website. There are various plugins that caches data effectively, see below:

  • WP Super Cache easy to configure, garbage collection and generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog.
  • WP Total Cache easy to configure, customizable and does its job effectively.

Both plugins are the purpose solvers, but due to some plugin/theme compatibility issues reported by users, we prefer WP Total Cache plugin over WP Super Cache.


Avoid spammers and malicious parties. Numerous plugins are available, see below:

  • SI Captcha Anti-Spam generates colorful image captcha & customizable.
  • Captcha by BestWebSoft adds math logic which is easily understandable by human beings and is customizable.
  • Really Simple CAPTCHA generates two files one is captcha (.png) & other is text (.txt) file. It checks user input against the generated text file. Due to its mechanism, it becomes vulnerable.

The mechanisms of all these plugins are different. These can be integrated on all possible and required site entry points like login, registration, comments, and can be integrated on other plugins. We prefer SI Captcha Anti-Spam or Captcha by BestWebSoft over Really Simple CAPTCHA due to its sophisticated verification mechanism.


Feature a multitude of images within one frame or simply one. There are various sliders available in WordPress (WP)  store like:

  • Revolution Slider has numerous options and animations.
  • LayerSlider just like Revolution Slider.
  • Mater Slider has cleanest and most simple UI to create slides.

All the sliders provide similar features and are rated as top sliders by users/reviewers. Essentially every well-designed theme installs a compatible slider during its configuration and installation; however, there are several themes that do not install sliders. When using a theme that doesn’t include a slider we prefer to use either Revolution Slider or LayerSlider, both are good options due to their robust features, immense customization, numerous options, responsive design and can be implemented on any post (default or custom). According to the theme, we choose the compatible slider.

Revolution Slider WordPress

Custom Forms

Manage and enhance a standard yet essential form.

Forms are an entity that should look good and perform well, equivocally. There are many customizable form plugins available for this, see below:

  • Contact Form 7 allows you to manage form fields and email settings. It is highly customizable & flexible. Also, it supports various add-ons.
  • Gravity Forms is a PAID plugin, it provides quick and simple form-building, easily configure and embed forms. Can be integrated with leading payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net, etc. The team consistently provides add-ons to integrate payment gateways.

These are the well-known and well-writ