At Rave Digital, we believe in timely delivery, high-quality work, and exceptional service. Our team is experienced in e-commerce, CMS, CRM, and web applications, and we bring this knowledge and immense dedication. That’s why company it makes sense that we’re featured highly among multiple Clutch research segments.

Clutch, a research agency delving into a breadth of technology services, has recently named us among their top 10 leaders for Salesforce consultants, SugarCRM consultants, Magento developers, and more. The firm’s work examines thousands of companies based on their market presence, previous work, and proven ability to deliver excellence to their clients. Most importantly, the Clutch team speaks directly with clients to hear first-hand how each firm performs with clients.

top magento and salesforce consultant florida

So far, several of our clients have spoken with the Clutch team, leaving an all-around 5-star score for their satisfaction with our services. Here are some of the things clients have said so far:

One client highlighted the improvements our Magento development work has brought:

“We’re seeing that the customers are more pleased with the interactions that the website provides for them. We have a chat option on our website to be able to retain the customer once they do find us. Our customers are happy with the site and are able to easily find what they need. The banners they designed gave us a great starting point, and we used that to build on using our in-house design team.”

Regarding our SalesForce work, this client expanded:

“The Rave Digital team did a great job in understanding what was needed given the steep learning curve. They delivered the work without any issues and maintained a helpful structure and approach. The team spoke directly with users to understand the system and communicated openly.”

We’re thrilled that not only results but also our team and partnerships are being recognized by our clients. We’ll be continuing to work with Clutch to further develop our Clutch profile. In full, the firm features us in the following Leaders’ Matrices:

You can find out more about what our clients have said and Clutch’s research on the Rave Digital profile.