Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Services

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE) is a robust solution enabling business agility, rapid deployment, more predictive time-to-market and time for innovation. ECE is a combination of cloud hosting from AWS and number of additional services like New Relic monitoring, CDN with full flexibility and extensibility of Magento Enterprise Edition. We have a team specialized in Magento cloud architect who can assist you to leverage the exceptional features of Magento Commerce to deliver rich and result-oriented solutions that are customized to your unique requirements and designed to fulfill the evolving business needs.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Saas era of ecommerce technology

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is classified as PaaS (Platform as a Service) rather than SaaS (Software as a Service). Unlike Saas, Paas provides you the access to source code. You can modify and customize your applications which is not possible with SaaS based ecommerce platforms like Demandware and Shopify.

SAAS and eCommerce Technology
Cloud Service Models

Cloud Service Models

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition provides number of tools to improve DevOps processes and make your website more stable including versioning, rapid deployment and continuous integration tools.

When To Consider Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition?

If don’t have an internal development team and want to contract out the server infrastructure management. Also in case of development teams at different locations. If having limited time to build own infrastructure, pre-packed platform lets you deploy your store faster than building your own You want to simplify vendor management (assuming that Magento takes over control of partners solutions)

When You’ll Be Better Without Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition?

All that features packed in the platform have costs and for some merchants, it may be an overkill to have them and pay for them. For example, if you focus on geo one market you don’t really need global availability; if your traffic has no spikes – scalability isn’t very valuable option for you. In this cases merchants can be better off financially to use more conventional hosting.

Another case may be the opposite – very sophisticated merchants with highly experienced tech team can build a bespoke solution that performs better in their particular case than built for everybody PaaS.