Magento Commerce SMB Launch Program

What Does our SMB Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Package Include?


  • New Magento Commerce Cloud development, integration, and production environment configurations
  • Apply approved design mockups as a new Magento responsive theme (if UI/UX work is selected) OR apply selected theme with small CSS customization to match existing brand guidelines
  • Magento store configuration - Email templates, store name, email address, etc


  • Multi-Tiered Pricing for bulk orders
  • Product options (attributes and attribute sets)
  • Product rating and reviews
  • Product Videos Related and Associated products
  • Quantity based discounts


  • Content Staging – Edit Content Such as Pages, Products, Images and Banners
  • Content Scheduling – Set up Promotional Content Start and End Dates
  • Content Version Control – Create Multiple and Restore Previous Versions
  • Visual Merchandiser – Drag and Drop CMS for Managing Content Pages


  • Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing Automation - Product Relations
  • Automated Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Rewards Program


  • Instant Purchase (one-click checkout)
  • Two Step Checkout
  • Persistent shopping cart
  • Integration with Fedex and USPS


Please note adding features from this section will increase development time and delivery of your Magento M2 Commerce Cloud Quick-launch Solution.

User Interface/User Experience

Our UI/UX work follows a strategic-thinking process that allows for testing and iteration prior to the onset of development work. Our designs do not contain 'lorem ipsum', we include your branded text content because when actual content is considered during the creative process it results site depiction, closer to 'What you see is what you get'.

This will include functional clickable mockups of following pages:

  • Homepage (2-3 options to choose from)
  • Category Page

B2B Enablement

  • Enable and configure B2B module (if purchased from Magento)
  • Ability to have different price books for accounts. Rave will configure upto 5 different pricebooks
  • Ability to have associate different catalogs to accounts. Rave will configure upto 3 different catalogs


  • Product Catalog(s)
    • Categories
    • Products
    • Attributes

Magento Must-Haves

We include 7 of the best Magento 2 extensions by Aheadworks - a Rave Digital Company in your store's installation to give your store all the cutting-edge technology it needs to succeed.

  • Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2

    Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2

    Allow customers to checkout in one step, automate all their actions, analyze the checkout performance, improve and increase conversions.

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  • Blog for Magento 2

    Blog for Magento 2

    Empower your shop with a blog and easily populate it with valuable entries with our full-featured extension.

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  • Layered Navigation for Magento 2

    Layered Navigation for Magento 2

    Extend the potential and fine-tune the performance of the native Magento layered navigation.

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  • Advanced Reviews for Magento 2

    Advanced Reviews for Magento 2

    Build brand credibility among customers and prospects by getting more product reviews.

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  • Follow Up Email for Magento 2

    Follow Up Email for Magento 2

    Run efficient email marketing campaigns.

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  • Product Labels for Magento 2

    Product Labels for Magento 2

    Promote products effectively by highlighting their distinctive features with visually customizable labels. Run several campaigns for individual products at once by putting multiple labels on them.

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  • AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2

    AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2

    Streamline add-to-cart function and remove interruptions from the shopping process.

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Magento Maintenance


Security Patches

Magento releases 1 to 2 security patches every month. You can read up on security patches released on our blog at:


Version Upgrades

Magento releases a newer minor version (on average 1 every quarter). It is recommended to upgrade to the latest version and maintain the health of the system.


Site Audit

It is recommended to do weekly SEO site audits. The site should be updated as recommended by a site audit tool.


Performance Management

We should run tools like page speed insight, yslow and test by site with google to check the performance of the site and should update our site as per recommendations by these tools.


Clean/Roll-up Logs

We will review server logs at least once every month, fix recurring issues that are visible in logs.



We can add your site to our alerting system. This system will notify us when the site goes down.


Email/Call Support

Any eCommerce system where there is ongoing transactions will need support. Once we receive a request, we will assess/investigate and respond.

As needed

Why Rave

We are a team of certified Magento specialists who have worked with Magento since its inception. We know Magento at the very deepest level possible and have over 300+ successful projects since 2008.

  • Magento Solution Partner Company
  • Magento Extension Builder Certificate
  • Magento Trained Solution Partner21
  • Magento Professional Cloud Developer5
  • Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist 3
  • Magento 2 Professional7
  • Magento 2 Professional Front End Developer1
  • Magento 2 Associate Developer3
  • Magento 2 Solution Specialist1
  • Magento Certified Developers PlusDeveloper Plus1
  • Magento Certified DevelopersDeveloper9
  • Magento Frontend DevelopersFront End Developer1

Our Achievements & Recognition

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  • clutch-magento-design-developers
  • clutch-enterprise-app-devlopment
  • clutch-b2b-companies
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