With such a huge audience, the internet is one of the most wonderful places to sell services and products.

But most brands fail to establish themselves online.

Can you guess why?

Well, there can be many reasons, out of which one prominent reason is not creating a brand strategy.

Around 59% of shoppers prefer to shop for products from brands familiar to them. And 64% of respondents would open an email simply because they trusted the brand.

That’s the power of branding.

So, if you’re not branding your online store! You might be losing a lot of sales and loyalty.

But, is branding only about your logo, fonts, colors, and pictures?

Not exactly!

Branding can be defined as a process to create a strong, positive perception of a company/organization/service/product.

It’s done by combining elements such as design, logo, mission statement, and more throughout all marketing communications.

In-store branding can be very different from online branding. A few elements (imagery and logo) might be similar for both, but customers only experience the 2-D scene online whereas in store it’s more experiential.

Branding of eCommerce Store

Branding an eCommerce store is complicated. Ideally, it should be planned and calculated before the store goes live. But most businesses and brands consider implementing it when they have generated enough money from it.

In doing so, what online businesses miss is the opportunity to make their first impression, which might have helped them garner recurring and multiple purchases.

You must note, how you present your brand is your KPI (key performance indicator), which matters from day 1.

A strong eCommerce brand can be one offering value to customers in a seamless way.

All you need to do is carefully construct your offerings as a brand via marketing messages, visual assets, relationships, and stories. Doing this will shape the expectations of your potential customers and create a bond that goes beyond buying-selling relationships.

Key Steps in eCommerce branding

  • Define Brand Persona: Get insights into your target customers to define the personality of your brand. Accordingly, define the tone of communication and language to attract their attention.
  • Brand Positioning: There are multiple marketing channels, but should you brand your store everywhere? No! Focus on positioning yourself uniquely in front of your target demographic on their preferred online platform.
  • Uniformity of Offerings: Present your brand promises in the best possible manner. Communicate how your services or products make their life better. Be transparent with your offerings.
  • Master the Visual Assets: eCommerce is all about delivering a visual experience. It’s extremely important to perfect your visual assets such as fonts, typography, website design, logo, ad designs, color palette. Even packaging the product and unboxing experience must be focused on.
  • Optimize Customer experience: There are lesser chances of you having control over how your customers feel about your brand. But you should always put efforts to align your brand promises at every touchpoint or interaction with the customer.

You might ask, is there any key element to focus on while branding an eCommerce store?

Yes, there is! And it is Consistency.

How to be consistent with your branding efforts?

As per a survey conducted by Zendesk, 87% of consumers suggested consistent branding across all online platforms was important.

We did share above how important it is to be consistent with your branding efforts. If you feel you don’t have the right resources or time to keep up with that consistency! You can hire an eCommerce digital marketing agency for the same!

In essence

Branding cannot be seen and you can’t put it on paper. But if performed correctly! You can successfully surpass every marketing goal for your eCommerce brand.

eCommerce branding can help gain relevance and popularity. With the right efforts, you can make your profits soar and products fly off the shelves :).

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