“Going local does not mean walling off the outside world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses that use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers. It means becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent on imports. Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs.” – Michael H. Shuman, author of the book Going Local.

Setting up and running a small business is no easy task.

For an SME, it’s challenging to compete against deep-pocketed MNCs.

However, small businesses can make it big with two things:

  • Keeping their operations planned & updated
  • Managing to receive support from their users/customers

Most small businesses prioritize their operations. They up their game in the approaches being implemented, strategies they finalize, and resources they chose to keep things moving along.

But best-laid plans fail when they do not get the right support from their potential customers.

How can I support small businesses?

SHOP FROM their Official Website.

Well, yes! The answer is simple; just purchase products or services from their official website.

Let’s use a quick example to understand exactly how you supporting small businesses help them grow their business:

Most eCommerce businesses that sell on Amazon or eBay are paying some amount to get their products listed on their websites. (referred to as Multi-channel Selling)

So, when a small business sells on an eCommerce platform, they might be cutting their profits short or be selling their products at a higher price.

On the contrary, when they sell products from their website, here’s what they receive:

  • Credibility
  • Organic Traffic
  • Social Proof
  • Direct Customer Interactions
  • And much more!

Undoubtedly, purchasing directly from their website will bring additional direct and indirect benefits than from a multinational eCommerce company.

Not just economically, connecting with SMEs directly comes with an enhanced user experience as well.

How awesome is it to interact with a business that feels personal?

Today, small business owners are making efforts to connect with every client uniquely. They are always at the right place to deliver unique, personalized experiences, tailored to their clients.

That’s what we all are craving! Right?

Moreover, small businesses have the adaptability to mend their services and products as per customers’ requirements to bring potential new revenue sources.

Now, who wouldn’t like to connect with a business directly and establish a long-term relationship!

Frankly, that’s what most of us want; working with people who bring value and service to the table in the most customized and flexible manner.

What does shopping locally mean?

In the online realm, shopping local means buying your daily and leisure items from a local business instead of ordering it from a large retailer.

Now, if you’re curious to know what are the benefits of shopping locally (online)?

Here’s our quick shot to explain it to you:

  • You’ll help grow the local community
  • Receive better customer service
  • Local economic stimulus
  • Uphold the small businesses
  • Gain more credits and more

3 Examples of SMEs Going Beyond to Serve Customers Pain Points

  • Asutra Asutra, a women-led and women-owned brand redefines the meaning of active self-care.Venus Williams, now a part-owner of the business, identifies with the primary motive of Asutra, which is to spare some ME-time, indulge in self-care, and feel physically and mentally elevated.

    The USP of this small business is not to formulate their products using parabens, phthalates, or petroleum and only stick with natural counterparts.

    This looks like the vision of a large business, right?

    Even while operating currently at a smaller scale, the Asutra team pledges to abide by their passion for natural ingredients and refrains from animal testing.

  • Miss Jessie’s Small businesses are an incredible solution for micro pain points in the market which are often overlooked by scalable competitors.Miss Jessie’s, a one-in-a-kind business, found one such pain point and built its reputation on the same.

    Founders of the brand looked around to search for products that were specific to managing wild, curly hair. And they found nothing relevant in the market, that’s when they knew exactly what they must do.

    Basing their brand value on the inspirational concoctions of their grandmother, they came up with answers that were specific to problems of women with varied hair types.

  • Emuaid When you talk about a small business, you expect them to be rooted deep within the needs of the people (users). And this is exactly what EMUAID stands for.A family-run, socially responsible business caters to people in pain. Approaching wellness holistically, they formulate exceptional dietary supplements and natural products to resolve wellness-centered issues.

    Their reason for sticking to nature is firstly its healing power and secondly the safety it comes with. What makes them stand apart is their ongoing product ingredient research, ensuring whatever reaches you is of top-notch quality.

    They even work with charitable and humanitarian organizations across the world to raise money and awareness for needy people.

    Isn’t it an exceptional cause to support?

In Essence

After the pandemic, some small businesses are finding it hard to get their business on track.

In such a situation, you can help them sustain and grow their business by purchasing products from their website.

Purchasing their official handle will help them scale their business.

We at Rave Digital work with numerous small businesses. Trust us, these savvy professionals are working hard to deliver a personalized, engaging online shopping experience for their customers.

All they require is you to land on their website and just say hi! You’ll love what comes next!

If you’re a small business owner! We can be your best partner to grow your business. Connect with us today!