Magento Open Source provides businesses with a wide range of features and tools that can be used to optimize their online store. In this blog post, we will discuss how businesses can best develop a B2B online store on the Magento Open Source platform.

Adobe offers a powerful Open Sourceplatform for your business. As the Magento Open Source platform does not include any B2B features, store owners install extensions to add these functions on their websites and configure the extensions. Rave Digital’s dedicated teams of certified Magento solution professionals are ready to showcase their hands-on B2B expertise and configure your online store for a perfect match to your business needs. Our app-building division at Aheadworks offers B2B solutions to help Magento Open Source merchants increase their customer engagement and boost conversion rates.

Check out our B2B extensions from Aheadworks! They are developed for Magento Open Source stores to provide the customizations that business users need.

Quick List to Magento B2B Features Your Website Should Have

Company Accounts

With our innovative approach, you can provide your B2B customers with a single company account that enables them to manage their team buying tasks. With a powerful admin panel, you can manage corporate accounts from the comfort of your home. You will also have access to enable customers with ease in creating companies through an intuitive storefront experience on their website! Check out Aheadworks B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2.

Private Catalogs

Bringing out the best of Magento B2B potential, we create different versions of your catalog for your customer segments. The more time your customers spend to find a desired item, the less likely they are going to purchase it. We help you create a catalog that makes it easy for them to search, filter, view and order goods. Check out the extensions below for realizing private catalogs on your eCommerce site:


Negotiation is the key to success in business. You can do this by being both persuasive and confident, while also maintaining good customer service – which will help you get requests for quotes approved quickly with no hassle! Make it easier than ever to get a quote with Aheadworks B2B Cart to Quote for Magento 2. Notify your customers and negotiate further by displaying all requests in one dashboard.

Quick Ordering/Easy Reordering

Enable your customers to save their preferred products into Requisition Lists so their users can easily access the approved products for each location or team. The company users can add products from the requisition list directly to the shopping cart. For products not in a requisition list, you can enable users to search for a list of SKUs- all in just a few clicks.

Flexible Payment Options

Businesses prefer to operate with their vendors on a terms basis. You can offer a credit line and/or Net 30 days terms in addition to credit card payments.

Shipping Options

Set the access to shipping options and payment methods based on the Customer Group. Check out Payment & Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2 extension at Aheadworks.

Other great features

Hide Price for Magento 2: Provide a flexible pricing approach by hiding prices from specific products, or customer groups.

Sales Representative for Magento 2: Provide tailored experience for each customer with personal sales managers.

It’s evident that a B2B online store needs to be finely tuned to cater to the specific needs of business users and with the right Magento 2 B2B extensions it can be made easier. Magento Open Source is a great platform on which to build such a store, and with our Aheadworks extensions it can be easily customized for your unique requirements.

If you’re looking for help in setting up or customizing your B2B eCommerce store, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have years of experience and would love to put our expertise to work for you!