National Oak Distributors, Inc. is the country’s premier Automotive Paint, Body, and Equipment (PBE) warehouse distributor. In addition to having the most extensive distribution footprint in the industry and reaching over 95% of the population with next-day delivery, National Oak customers are served by the largest, most knowledgeable network of sales and customer service associates.

National Oak customers also enjoy the highest fill rates, stocking over 50,000 products in its 16 warehouses. The company’s corporate office is in West Palm Beach, Florida. While the executive team and much of the back-office support are managed in West Palm, the organization’s face remains “in the field.” Over sixty sales and customer service representatives work directly with customers to ensure National Oak does everything possible to support their business success. In their 16 warehouses, almost 300 operations personnel guarantee that inventory is clean, orders are filled the same day, and deliveries are coordinated to exceed customer expectations.

Management at National Oak Distributors took decisive action to create a dedicated application for its operational tasks to fix continual organizational challenges. Rave Digital being their eCommerce development partner, assisted them in executing this efficiently, and on time!

National Oak Distributors Mobile Application has been developed for B2B business owners and sales teams who need to place unique or customized order items for a customer. The app is designed to be synced with the cart on your desktop so that you may add items throughout the day then review them later to ensure you meet your freight prepaid limit.

Offerings of National Oak Distributors Application

You can now browse, search and make a purchase straight from your IOS/Android device with the National Oak app. Specifically developed to give customers on-the-go access to product details and stock information, the NOD App is excellent for B2B business owners and sales teams who need to special order items for a customer. For larger orders, the app syncs with the cart on desktops to add product items throughout the day then reviews them later to ensure they meet the freight prepaid limit.

The app assists sales representatives and customers in resolving their unique challenges. The sales representative can use functionalities such as live quotes, custom pricing checks, or upgrades while on the field touring vendors for orders. With the mobile app, they can freely place quick orders at their discretion at any time, following company standards. On the customer level, the application offers detailed product information on mobile devices. Features like advanced search, order management system and easy checkout make it a breeze for customers to purchase with NOD.

Key features of the NOD app includes:

  • Easy add-to-cart functionality– simply enter an SKU to add to your cart
  • Advanced search by category, brand, or keyword
  • View stock availability on product pages
  • Product Reviews
  • Order for quick Will Call pick up or via Package Delivery
  • Shipping estimates for Package Delivery orders

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