Objective Of HVAC USA

HVAC has been serving its customers on the Magento 1 platform since 2006, with Magneto announcing its End of Support for M1 after June 30th, 2020. Owner Lyndon Stout knew he needed to upgrade to Magento 2 in order to ensure the ongoing stability of his growing business and security of his customer’s transactional data. Additionally, as the volume of vendors HVAC serves continues to grow, the M2 store required several core B2B functionalities to be implemented in order to successfully manage and serve this growing segment. During our initial consultative conversations, the team identified the following requirements to deliver a successful Magento 2 Store.

Vendor Management

Convenient Vendor Management

Custom Module to Efficiently Manages Vendors.

Custom Tax Module

Custom Tax-Exempt Module

Allow Merchants to Tax-exempt Selected Customers and User Roles.

Flexible Payment

Ease out Payment Alternatives

Flexible Payment Options With Net Terms as a Payment Options for Approved Vendors.

Admin Management

Appropriate Management

Provide Admin with Proper Business Management Softwares.

eCommerce Management

Inventory & Shipping Management Solution

Optimizes Inventory Levels and Ensures Product Availability Across Multiple Channels.

Streamline Shipping Process

Streamline Return & Checkout Process

Improve Quality of Customer support and Lower the Overall Cost of Dealing with Returns.


After devising a strategic eCommerce solution tailored to HVACs B2B/B2C Hybrid business model, weighed with budgetary considerations, the Rave Digital team moved forward, confidently with Magento 2 Open Source. In order to deliver the required functionalities, the team was tasked with developing custom modules typically exclusive to Magento Commerce/Commerce Cloud, including Vendor Management and Tax Exemption Functionalities. In addition to Vendor Management, the Vendor module creates drop ship orders and alerts QuickBooks to place an order for low inventory products. The Tax-Exempt module enables approved vendors to upload their Tax Exempt certificates, thereby eliminating sales tax being collected from approved vendors orders. Additionally, to further reduce operational costs, Rave recommended moving off Odoo, and onto QuickBooks for effective inventory management, accounting, and business management software reducing overall eCommerce expenses. In addition to QuickBooks, Rave also integrated the following:

  • 30-Day Payment Terms

    30-Day Payment Terms

    Integrated Aheadworks Net 30 Magento 2 Extension.

  • Payment Options

    Payment Options

    Aheadworks Payment Restrictions was integrated for specific payment options.

  • Custom Tax-Exempt Module

    Custom Tax-Exempt Module

    A Custom Module was Created for Approved Vendor Tax Exclusion.

  • Streamline Checkout Process

    Streamline Checkout Process

    Integrated Aheadworks Smart One Step Checkout for responsive and fast checkout.

  • Magento Order Management

    Magento Order Management

    For Providing Seamless Customer Experience and Accelerate the Time to Market.

  • QuickBooks Integration

    QuickBooks Integration

    To Automatically Post & Sync all Online Orders, Expenses, and Inventory.


QuickBooks POS Integration

QuickBooks POS Integration

Payflow Payment Gateway Integration

Payflow Payment Gateway Integration

ShipStation API Integration

ShipStation API Integration

Tax Cloud Integration

Tax Cloud Integration