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Top Cloud-based B2B Commerce Development Solution

Salesforce’s only enterprise-class eCommerce partner, CloudCraze is a lot more than a shopping cart. It is a full suite enterprise e-Commerce with comprehensive merchandising, pricing, catalog content management and promotions. Built with responsive design, CloudCraze delivers an impressive mobile eCommerce user experience.

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Key Features of CloudCraze

Built natively on Salesforce platform, CloudCraze provides a robust B2B commerce technology with core capabilities providing flexibility to easily extend functionality, add products and channels, and conduct billions of dollars in transactions anywhere. Loaded with amazing features, it generates online revenue fast, easily scale for growth, and always stay connected to your customers.

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    Shop Anywhere, Anytime

    Built with responsive design for use on any device.

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    Search and Browse Products

    Quickly search products by name, SKU, description or product attributes

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    Product Details

    View product details including product name, price, rating, review, product features, etc.

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    Shopping Cart

    Full-featured cart with wish-lists, quotes, calculated taxes, shipping, order view, payment options, confirmation, and email.

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    Account Management

    Order history and account management with default billing and shipping addresses.

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    Localized currency and multi-lingual support. Support for all 161 currencies and all 64 languages supported by Salesforce

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    Branded Storefronts

    Manage and configure multiple unique storefronts.

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    Built in analytics and reporting functionality that allows you to capture and expose appropriate data to Google Analytics to optimize the information you receive.

Why Switch to CloudCraze?

Many companies hesitate to make a shift towards fully integrated cloud-based B2B eCommerce. One of the major reasons found to be the implementation concerns (i.e., fears regarding cost, staff adoption, ROI). But the benefits of cloud-hosted eCommerce platforms outweigh any hurdles you have about switching solutions:

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    Easy B2B Ordering

    Provide streamlined, B2C-inspired ecommerce experiences for your business customers. Make business ordering super easy with two-click reorders, multiple ship-to locations, and multiple payment types.

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    Fully Featured B2B eCommerce Architecture

    Comes with B2B-specific features right out of the box, including account hierarchies, contract pricing, custom catalogs, and account management to meet the complex needs of B2B customers.

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    360-Degree Customer Views

    Salesforce B2B Commerce is built natively on the Salesforce platform, enabling you to connect your Commerce and CRM data for a single view of the customer. That means 100 percent connectivity, 24/7.

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    Highly Scalable and Adaptive

    Faster adaptability to market dynamics and customer needs. Create new business models on demand, rather than waiting months for updates.

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    Unified Shopping Experiences

    Always stay connected to your customers across every touch point by combining B2B Commerce with marketing, sales, communities, and service.

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    Rapid Deployment & Time to Market

    Deploy in months, not years. Start selling sooner with the fastest available implementation of all major enterprise B2B commerce solutions.

CloudCraze Integration

CloudCraze offers easy integrations with multiple payment and shopping cart systems and applications, including:

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Legacy On-Premise VS CloudCraze

Choose a solution with a lower, more flexible total cost of ownership

Legacy On-Premise



  • Delayed deployment to buy/build hardware
  • Extensive work to setup OS, database, disaster recovery
  • High upfront cost to build for uncertain future needs
  • Quick setup on trusted Salesforce multi-tenant architecture
  • Leverages care Salesforce capabilities
  • Easily scales for growth


  • Time: 12-18 months
  • Custom code heavy
  • Delayed revenue
  • Time: as little as 9 weeks
  • Configuration-first, low code
  • Generate revenue quickly

New Functionally – Delivered by Solution

  • 1-3 updates per year
  • Difficult 3-4+ month upgrade project due to heavy custom code
  • Must pay additional 20+% of license for upgrade and patches
  • 6+ releases per year from Salesforce, CloudCraze
  • Upgrade time automatic or a few days
  • No additional subscription cost for new releases

Customer-Specific Functionality

  • Time/cost intensive
  • Delays functionality
  • Delays functionality benefits
  • Quick, agile configuration, low code
  • Benefits realized quickly


  • Expensive technical resources for admin and development
  • Business must pace with tech-heavy development
  • Cost-effective, shared skills for CloudCraze & Salesforce admin
  • Easily pivots with business needs

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