Amazon no longer just sells smartphones; rather, it also makes one.

With the launch of the newest smartphone introduced by Amazon, one thing that was made clear by the chief executive of the company, Jeff Bezos, was the fact that, they are about to revolutionize the now-boring industry.

“A Twist”: Amazon and the Smartphone Industry,

Features of Amazon's Firephone at a glance

When asked about his reasons to enter the smartphone industry in an interview, Jeff Bezos explained, “Our product development process always starts the same way.”

“We don’t start out by saying, “We have to build an X.” We say, “If we were going to build an X, how would it be different? How would it be better?” And it can’t just be different. It has to be different constrained by customers caring. It’s easy to be different if you don’t constrain it that way. But it has to be useful.”

“And A Tale”: Amazon’s Take On “Mr. Pine’s Purple House”

While unveiling the smartphone, about a month ago, Jeff Bezos, couldn’t help but mention that the inspiration behind the device was one of his childhood favorite books, “Mr. Pine’s Purple House.” The book written by Leonard Kessler, talks about a kind and old man Mr. Pine, who grew tired of a line of 50 identical white houses on Vine Street and decided to paint his own house – Purple. When he actually did so, amongst his neighbors on Vine Street, there was an outburst of architectural novelty due to his radical color scheme.

The message of Mr. Bezos’s was strong and clear, they were expecting to take the smartphone industry by storm, which has grown dull lately, by bringing a new and fresh perspective to it.

So, were they able to do so?

Now, that’s a question that you will be answering once you finish reading here.

The basic features of the phone include 2 GB RAM with Adreno 330 graphics processor, a 4.7-inch, 720p display, and 2.2GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, f/2.0 lens and a 13-megapixel camera that claims to capture better shots than whatever you are holding right now.

With Amazon expect ‘Dynamic Perspective’

Using four front-facing cameras and sensors Fire phone tracks the head position of a user for its feature called the “Dynamic Perspective.” It is usable in various games that require you to get different angle of views on an object or peer around the corners. It is furthermore used by some apps that require you to tilt for the menus or to offer you some superfluous information. Amazon application developers have a good scope of exploiting the feature to their benefit and thereby finding good use for the feature with new Amazon app solutions that could benefit the users and businesses alike.

And The ‘Firefly’ Is Amazing

Amazon's firefly is the latest inclusion in Firephone

One of the neatest features of the fire phone is called the “Firefly.” The feature allows you to scan things in the real world, like the barcodes, music, phone numbers, URLs, videos, etc., and check the details about it or save it for future reference. The scan is quick and fast, you can scan anything just by holding down a button of the phone.

With this feature, you can scan a bag of food and check its nutritional value, you can identify music when it plays on radio and can search for its concert tickets as well. When paired with third-party apps, the potentials of the device are enormous, however the applications in question, are not many, thereby limiting the potential of the device altogether. New, Amazon application development based around this feature of the phone could undeniably add new perspective to the whole concept both for businesses and the users similarly.

Amazon’s ‘Mayday’ Could Define the Change of the Era

Amazon sent out invites with a copy of 'Mr. Pine's purple house'

The final and perchance the most interesting feature is – Amazon is on board with its “Mayday” feature, which is the same as is in Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets and quite similarly impressive as well. The feature lets the users to press a button to find the nearest and get instant tech support, notably over a live video from a real person.

“The world is a better place when things are a little bit different.”

When Jeff Bezos, sent out those invites with a book of “Mr. Pine’s Purple House”and a note with the above quote, he definitely was thinking something. The Fire phone by Amazon unquestionably holds a lot of potential and offers a new perspective to the smartphone industry. Amazon App Development focusing on the smart new features of the device might take the whole smartphone experience to a complete new level, however, all that is left to be done right now is wait and watch.