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“Stress at Workplace? A Big No!! Be Relaxed at Workplace and Enjoy at Home. That’s what we believe in”


“It’s never late to do what’s assigned to you.” We work with Flexibility. Whether you are Early Bird or Late, you can work with us starting in morning or noon. All we want is to accommodate your style and get the work done.

Health Insurance

“Your Health is Our Wealth” For healthy body and mind we provide health insurance not only for you but for your family too. We never forget to take care of your health, because good health and healthy family is all that matters.

Happy Hours

“Work Hard, Party Harder” Monthly Team Building Activities, Birthday Bashes, Quarterly Team Lunch/Dinner Parties, Movies Shows, Celebrations, all are essential part of our workplace. The happier our employees are, the more profitable we are!


“Capacity to Learn is a Gift, Ability to Learn is a Skill, Willingness to Learn is a Choice” We believe in learning from everyone. E-Learning is a medium for sharing knowledge with colleagues, what you know tell them and what they know learn that.


“Life is too short to just eat snacks and drink Coffee” Enjoy coffee, soup, salads and snacks at workplace, whenever you need!

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